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  • Top 25 MPH in Global Health Programs

    As the world’s human population grows - currently at 7.6 billion people, and expected to reach more than 9 billion in the next two decades - global public health has become one of the most critical issues of our time. Public health may mean disease prevention, treating epidemics and pandemics,  responding to natural and manmade disasters, or promoting healthy practices and development, but few people outside of the field realize how crucial public health is.… Continue Reading

  • What is an Emergency Response Specialist?

    Emergence response specialists are always working — behind the scenes — to ensure the overall safety of those around them. For generations, a career in the public sector has been considered one of the most stable and sensible career paths, mostly for the perks that come with a government job. However, a profession like emergency response specialist has a bigger impact, and much more direct impact on everyday life, than the typical bureaucratic job. By taking… Continue Reading

  • Tick-Borne Diseases and Public Health 2018

    Cartoon tradition says that ants are the quickest way to ruin a picnic, but that’s only because there’s no way to make a tick cute (just try it, cartoonists - and if you pull it off, let us see). But ticks aren’t just out to spoil your afternoon in the sunshine (or hike, or camping trip) - they’re voracious, blood-feeding buggers that can carry some nasty diseases. Public health organizations like the Center for Disease… Continue Reading

  • 25 Most Affordable Disaster Management MPH Degrees

    Emergency and disaster management is one of the fastest-growing segments of public health, as post-9/11 investments in homeland security, law enforcement, and emergency response have made for a well-funded, but often confusing and conflicting system. In the 21st century - framed by disasters both natural, and man-made, from the 9/11 terrorist attacks, to Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Maria, to the volcanic eruptions of Hawaii - one thing has become abundantly clear: a proper response to… Continue Reading

  • Vaping: The Good, the Bad and the Popcorn Lung

    In the world of popular vices, vaping is still the Wild West - there’s not a great deal of official regulation, the rules aren’t firmly in place, and the social, cultural, and public health impact of vaping isn’t really clear yet. After all, vaping hasn’t been around long enough to see any long-term studies or long-term effects. We don’t have thousands upon thousands of pages of research about how vaping affects the body, like we… Continue Reading

  • Wine Mom, Interrupted: A Public Health Perspective

    Is the pervasive “wine mommy” culture a simple lifestyle choice - a fashion or hobby that will come and go, like other fads of yesteryear (so long, jazzercise, we hardly knew you)? Or is it a sign of real problems that will have a long-lasting impact on the lives of mothers and their families? Recently, worries about mom wine culture have been raised in sources ranging from academic studies to op-eds in newspapers like the… Continue Reading

  • Top 30 Online MPH Health Policy & Management Programs 2018

    Those who hold a Master’s degree in Public Health are given the skills and responsibility to assist with the research and implementation needed to improve people’s access to healthcare, health practices, and health information. This can take the form of many jobs including health educators, consultants, researchers, statisticians, medical scientists, health policy lawmakers and lobbyists, and so much more. What are My chances of Landing a Good Public Health Job Post-Degree? As the universe expands,… Continue Reading

  • Top 40 Online Public Health Certificate Programs 2018

    Public Health is the science and practice of disease prevention and evidence-based approaches to ensure the well-being of populations. As a practice, people with Public Health jobs address health at the population level, rather than the individual level. It is like thinking of the forest of wellness, rather than the tree. Public Health is a naturally interdisciplinary field that developed from essentially blending the emerging needs of social work and nursing. As such, public health… Continue Reading

  • What is a Certification in Public Health?

    When you've finished your degree in public health, the most common next step before hitting the job market is to take the Certified in Public Health exam. A certification in public health is a voluntary credential that can help to distinguish you from your peers in the public health sector. It displays to your potential employer that you are committed to ongoing education in your field, and it is only available through the National Board of… Continue Reading

  • 20 Best No-GRE MPH Programs

    The role of a Master’s degree in Public Health is to fill in the gaps of the services and research healthcare industry and the social theory and implementation of the social sciences. An online MPH degree program can get you in the field faster. As the global population continues to grow, the public health job market is expanding too, and qualified, well-prepared public health professionals are needed more than ever.  According to the Bureau of… Continue Reading

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