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  • What is the difference between a DrPH and a PhD in Public Health?

    To answer this question, we need to take a suggestion from Mr. Steven R. Covey, author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” He states that one should “begin with the end in mind.” Ask yourself - what do you want your career to look like? Are you drawn to the field of research, or do you have a passion for science? Are you one who desires to work in the area of public… Continue Reading

  • What can I do with an online DrPH?

    The career options are plenty for those who obtain an online DrPH. Depending on what your passion is in the world of public health, and where your current background of experience lies, obtaining a DrPH will lead your career path to a bright future. With so many quality online DrPH programs, you will be able to get your new degree while continuing to work in your sector and gain experience. Career options include: Health Department… Continue Reading

  • What Can I Do With an Online Bachelor’s in Public Health?

    An online Bachelor’s degree in Public Health creates a huge variety of employment opportunities. When you are deciding which avenue of public health to pursue, stop and consider your personality type and what you enjoy doing. Because the field is so varied - from field research to office work, laboratories to classrooms - public health offers an appealing career path for just about anyone. Who Wants the Face-to-Face Connection? If you are a people person… Continue Reading

  • How Much Can I Make With an Online Bachelor’s of Public Health?

    Few online college degrees can provide as many diverse opportunities for employment as a degree in public health. There are as many job opportunities as there are types of employment in the field, too, since it is constantly growing. In fact, the community health sector is expected to grow 16% by 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There’s another way public health is an exceptional field - since public health experts are in… Continue Reading

  • 25 Public Health Scholarships

    In the 21st century, as the healthcare system has become more and more complex, public health has emerged as one of the biggest concerns worldwide. For working professionals in the healthcare system, or young people choosing a career direction, a degree in public health can open all kinds of doors. The worldwide need for people to organize and implement major public health plans has never been higher. Public health takes an interdisciplinary approach to assess… Continue Reading

  • The 15 Fastest Online MPH Programs 2018

    It’s quite possible that public health is more important today than it has ever been. The world has gotten smaller in the 21st century, between travel and communication technology, but inequities in wealth and healthcare have grown wider as well. The US faces public health challenges that threaten at any time to turn into crises, from obesity and heart disease to cancer and mental illness; communicable diseases once thought eradicated are reappearing, and environmental pollution… Continue Reading

  • 20 Best Online Bachelor’s in Public Health 2018

    A Bachelor's degree in Public Health (BPH) prepares students for careers in public health, medical and health services, health education, community health, health administration, environmental health, nutrition, epidemiology, biostatistics, health policy, and more. A bachelor's degree in Public Health can also prepare students for a follow-on degree in public health, like a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) or an online Doctorate in Public Health (DrPH). The demand for public health professionals will continue to rise… Continue Reading

  • Top Online PhD in Public Health (DrPH) Programs 2018

    If you’ve already earned an MPH or related degree and are interested in research, teaching, or consulting in the field of public health, a Doctorate in Public Health (DrPH) may be a good investment. According to the Association of Schools of Public Health, the demand for public health workers, advisers, teachers, and consultants is at an all time high, and the need for public health leaders with doctoral-level degrees is great. The DrPH is an… Continue Reading

  • 10 Schools for Best MPH Fellowships 2018

    Public Health has been described as being concerned with improvement of health and prevention of disease and disability, worldwide. It is one of the most versatile fields of study there is, because it is implicated in the widest range of concerns in the professional and political world. Every person has concerned themselves with the health of someone at one time or another; an aging parent, a child, a partner, a co-worker, perhaps themselves. Health and… Continue Reading

  • Most Affordable Online MPH Programs 2017

    One of the fastest-growing and most dynamic career paths today is in Public Health. With our booming population and ever-expanding healthcare system, government, private industry, and non-profit services are working together to address the many critical health issues that plague our nation - obesity, cancer, addiction, pollution, and many, many more. All of that system together is what we think of as Public Health. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, the… Continue Reading

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