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  • Top 25 Most Inspiring Public Health Documentaries

    Public Health documentary films have been around since the advent of film. In 1922, the very first long-form documentary feature was released. It was a silent, anthropological film called Nanook of the North. Other films began taking a look at important facts, rather than simply fictitious, artful imitations of life. The genre of the documentary film remains a favorite among people who are interested in learning, offering more images than reading, and being less expensive than being… Continue Reading

  • Top 10 Online Master’s in Population Health Management 2019

    With the public health job market growing at an astonishing rate - as high as 25% for some careers, such as community health workers - public health looks like one of the smartest career choices possible for students who are interested in making people healthier. It’s no coincidence that public health is one of the highest-paying fields today, as well. For public health professionals, or aspiring public health students, population health is an area that… Continue Reading

  • What is Global Public Health?

    In the age of globalization, global public health is one of the foremost challenges facing humanity. Not any one nation, not any one coalition of nations, but all of humanity. That’s because global health is not just the work of massive governmental agencies, or international global health organizations, but of people in communities: doctors, nurses, educators, volunteers, and advocates. Fighting disease and spreading health throughout the world is one of the most important missions the… Continue Reading

  • What Can You Do With an MPH?

    Are you a holder of a master’s degree in public health? Or maybe thinking of pursuing an MPH but need assurance that a career will follow? If this is the question that has been bothering you for the longest time, put your worries to rest as there are plenty of MPH career options that you can obtain in many different locations (even internationally!) While prospective students of the MPH degree have the opportunity to work and… Continue Reading

  • Top 3 Public Health Travel Jobs

    There are a number of public health positions that lend themselves to travel, some more than others. You may need to get a little creative, as the marketing for public health travel jobs is not as organized or visible as the field of traditional nursing or other medical health professions, but, rest assured, there are indeed positions within public health for those who have caught the travel bug. Here at MPHonline, we researched current 2018… Continue Reading

  • Top 10 International Public Health Careers

    International public health jobs are a growing sector of the professional market, with public health professionals becoming more in-demand as globalization makes the world smaller. Events in one nation - be it natural disaster, pandemic, or civilian casualties of war - impact many other nations, from refugees in neighboring states to disruption of international markets. That’s why public health is no longer a local or even national concern - it’s a global concern, and global… Continue Reading

  • Top 25 MPH in Global Health Programs

    As the world’s human population grows - currently at 7.6 billion people, and expected to reach more than 9 billion in the next two decades - global public health has become one of the most critical issues of our time. Public health may mean disease prevention, treating epidemics and pandemics,  responding to natural and manmade disasters, or promoting healthy practices and development, but few people outside of the field realize how crucial public health is.… Continue Reading

  • What is an Emergency Response Specialist?

    Emergence response specialists are always working — behind the scenes — to ensure the overall safety of those around them. For generations, a career in the public sector has been considered one of the most stable and sensible career paths, mostly for the perks that come with a government job. However, a profession like emergency response specialist has a bigger impact, and much more direct impact on everyday life, than the typical bureaucratic job. By taking… Continue Reading

  • Tick-Borne Diseases and Public Health 2018

    Cartoon tradition says that ants are the quickest way to ruin a picnic, but that’s only because there’s no way to make a tick cute (just try it, cartoonists - and if you pull it off, let us see). But ticks aren’t just out to spoil your afternoon in the sunshine (or hike, or camping trip) - they’re voracious, blood-feeding buggers that can carry some nasty diseases. Public health organizations like the Center for Disease… Continue Reading

  • 25 Most Affordable Disaster Management MPH Degrees

    Emergency and disaster management is one of the fastest-growing segments of public health, as post-9/11 investments in homeland security, law enforcement, and emergency response have made for a well-funded, but often confusing and conflicting system. In the 21st century - framed by disasters both natural, and man-made, from the 9/11 terrorist attacks, to Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Maria, to the volcanic eruptions of Hawaii - one thing has become abundantly clear: a proper response to… Continue Reading

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