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  • 20 Best MPH Programs – NO GRE Required

    The role of a Master’s degree in Public Health is to fill in the gaps of the services and research healthcare industry and the social theory and implementation of the social sciences. An online MPH degree program can get you in the field faster. As the global population continues to grow, the public health job market is expanding too, and qualified, well-prepared public health professionals are needed more than ever.  According to the Bureau of… Continue Reading

  • 30 Most Affordable Dual MPH/MSW Degree Programs

    There’s a lot of overlap between social work and public health, which makes an MPH/MSW dual degree a natural choice for professionals working in either field. One of the most important jobs of social work, after all, is helping individuals and families access health care, whether it is care for pregnant women, mental health or substance abuse treatment, nursing facilities for the elderly, or pediatric care. The main role of public health, in turn, is… Continue Reading

  • When Does Flu Season End?

    It’s obvious by now that the 2017-2018 flu season is one for the record books - a full-blown epidemic that the public health system is fighting with all it’s got. It's scary enough to have everyone asking "When does flu season end?" But epidemics like this are the reason institutions like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) exist. The global public health system keeps track of infection rates, analyzes patterns, and educates the public about… Continue Reading

  • 20 Most Affordable Dual Public Health and Nursing Programs

    Nurses have been on the front lines of public health since the concept of “public health” first began developing in the late 19th century. After all, they are the ones working directly with patients, hands-on in the midst of epidemics, emergencies, and disasters. But until relatively recently, it was rare that nurses had the opportunity to take on leadership positions in the public health field. That began to change as nursing became more credentialed and… Continue Reading

  • Why Many Healthcare Professionals are Switching to Epidemiology

    Despite the fierce competition that exists for the top paying healthcare-related jobs, the demand for qualified and certified professionals continues to grow by an impressive, double-digit figures. As of 2016, the median hourly pay stood at $34.05 per hour, and the annual salary was $70.820 and still surging. Here’s a complete guide for practicing healthcare professionals or public health students intent on becoming epidemiologists. [directory-links] Epidemiologist Job Description Epidemiologists are tasked with tracking and investigating… Continue Reading

  • The Complete Job Description of a Mental Health Worker

    If you are a college student and love helping people, especially those dealing with emotional and psychiatric problems, becoming a mental health worker might be an appropriate option you may consider. This will not only give you the satisfaction that comes with helping people step out of their problems or become more emotionally and mentally stable but the pay package at the end of the day is also quite enticing. What are the Expected Duties… Continue Reading

  • The Complete Job Description for Sanitarians

    Health and safety specialists -- a.k.a. sanitarians -- collect and assess safety and health data from a variety of environments in the interest of health and safety in both the private and public sectors. In a nutshell, a public health sanitarian job description requires the professional to routinely inspect environments to ensure that businesses remain compliant with safety, health, and environmental regulations set forth by federal, state and local governments. Public health professionals detect, prevent… Continue Reading

  • The Complete Public Health Job Description

    Students pursuing a career path in public health may do so in a number of ways. Working in the public health field means that a person contributes his or her expertise to industries and groups that work toward furthering the public's ability to live happy and healthy lives, and public health professions can be performed in or out of a hospital setting. Understanding the Public Health Career The CDC has outlined some services that can… Continue Reading

  • The Complete Job Description of a Biostatistician

    If you are a high school or college student who loves science and math but doesn't particularly want to work with patients or go into finance, then a career as a biostatistician might be right for you. Here is what a biostatistician does, followed by the job outcome and educational requirements to break into the field. Biostatistics is a science where professionals collect, analyze and interpret conclusions for data. It requires an understanding of statistical… Continue Reading

  • 20 Best Accelerated MPH Programs 2018

    The accelerated MPH program is one of the key innovations of 21st-century healthcare. Today, as the world gets smaller and disease is more frequently caused by human action (and inaction), population health has emerged as the career of the future. The public health job market is exploding as the demand for qualified, well-prepared public health professionals grow. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for positions like Epidemiologist, Health Educator, and Medical/Health… Continue Reading

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