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  • Why Choose an On-Campus MPH Program?

    Online education has become much more mainstream in recent years, making it more viable for students to enroll in virtual public health programs. Online learning continues to rise in popularity, but is this new form of learning preferable to the traditional model of on-campus education? Why pursue a masters in public health online in the first place? There are quite a few advantages to online learning: it offers the same accreditation but with flexible scheduling,… Continue Reading

  • Is a Bachelor’s in Public Health Worth It?

    When it comes to choosing the best value public health program for your undergraduate education, it’s not all about the money. While cost may pay a significant role in deciding among programs, higher tuition does not necessarily translate into a better program, and vice versa. What is important is the full scope of return on investment for a BS in Public Health. The cost of the degree is only a small part of the equation;… Continue Reading

  • 25 Best Value Campus Public Health Bachelor’s Programs for 2019

    A public health major is a choice with a wide range of options and enormous potential for any student with an interest in healthcare, health sciences, health administration, or global service. Public health is a rapidly growing sector, and expected to grow even more as the US population ages, Millennials have children, and the minority population becomes the majority. As we become more aware of the full picture of how interconnected life - from environmental… Continue Reading

  • 25 Most Affordable Campus MPH Programs for 2019

    There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a Master in Public Health degree program: quality of the program, concentrations offered, opportunity for mentorship in a student’s specific interests, student life, and location, to name a few. In addition, prospective students need to consider the cost of attending graduate school and the potential amount of debt owed upon completing the degree. Given that recent data puts graduating masters students at an average of… Continue Reading

  • Is an MPH Worth It?

    Nearly every career path in public health is expected to grow, with public health jobs booming anywhere between 10% to 25% in the next decade. Even so, working professionals with public health degree jobs may wonder whether taking the time, putting in the work, and spending the money on a Master of Public Health program is worth it. Are jobs with a master’s in public health really that much better? Can the public health salary… Continue Reading

  • Top 25 Campus MPH Programs for 2019

    Finding the best MPH programs shouldn’t be overwhelming; there are MPH programs in every region and every form of higher education. But with online MPH programs becoming more and more common - and offered by some of the best public health programs in the world - a busy working professional may wonder why traditional, on-campus public health programs are worth the trouble at all. Going to class, commuting to campus, even finding parking can seem… Continue Reading

  • Complete Job Description of an Environmental Health Specialist

    An Environmental Health Specialist or Scientist (EHS) can be found working in a variety of situations within the Public Health sector. They may conduct research in a professional office or laboratory, or work with a more hands-on manner in the field.  The best Environmental Health Scientist job includes conducting environmental health investigations or inspections for government health departments and private companies. Some practitioners may be responsible for inspecting food manufacturing plants, landfills, storage tanks found… Continue Reading

  • Top 10 MPH Environmental Health Degree Online Programs

    In the public health field, environmental health is a surprisingly broad specialization that provides professionals with all kinds of career options. Environmental health - which often includes areas like occupational health, epidemiology, pollution, and other environmentally-related health hazards - is an area that is growing in importance and desirability as we learn how the environment relates to the health of populations and communities. Students who want to earn a Master’s in Environmental Health online degree… Continue Reading

  • 3 Highest-Paying Career Options for Environmental Health Majors

    According to the BLS, people who work in the Environmental Health field are experts in safety procedures, statistical analysis, and monitoring environmental conditions that may impact a community or specific population. The highest paying career path for a person interested in Environmental Health are Health and Safety Directors, HS Engineers, and Epidemiologists. These professionals provide organizations with expert oversight. The guidance that these professionals offer enables programs that promote policy, and respond to the potential… Continue Reading

  • Complete Job Description of a Maternal and Child Health Specialist

    Maternal and Child Health Specialists are public health professionals, working in an interdisciplinary field. These workers have completed an MPH program with a focus in Maternal and Child Health. They provide access and information to families about health services available to benefit both the child and the parents. MCH Specialists may analyze and develop health programs that work to protect individuals and families from illnesses, and promote an overall healthy lifestyle for all members of… Continue Reading

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