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  • What Does a Public Health Attorney Do?

    When an attorney operates as an advisor for a governmental agency or groups of people in the public health space, chances are they are a public health attorney. The public health field can be very lucrative, but this is a challenging job that not only holds a lot of weight but can be stressful depending on their area of specialization. A public health attorney is also known as a public health lawyer working in the… Continue Reading

  • Can Vaccines Be Mandated by Law?

    With Covid-19 vaccines finally available for the larger public, there has been controversy over whether vaccines will become mandatory for certain groups (like healthcare workers or teachers) and certain activities (like international travel). Since vaccines are an essential part of public health, to help readers understand, MPHOnline is looking into whether vaccines can be mandated. Can the Federal Government Make Vaccines Mandatory? No, the federal government cannot make mandatory vaccine laws due to the 14th… Continue Reading

  • What Can I Do with a Dual MPH/JD Degree?

    Public health law jobs are the main source of employment for someone who earns a dual MPH/JD degree. The role focuses on improving public health for all populations primarily at the legislative level, and those types of jobs are usually found in health departments at the local, state and federal levels. The degree combines legal training with the basics of public health in order to teach a student how to be effective in their role. What Kind… Continue Reading

  • Top 30 MPH JD Dual Degrees

    There are several reasons why you should consider getting a dual MPH/JD. While a Master's in Public Health allows you to work within the community as a legal advocate, a JD degree allows you to not only educate the community but also to assist in legal proceedings. Having both degrees gives you an opportunity to move farther faster and create multiple career options that you can pursue throughout the years you spend working in the… Continue Reading

  • How are Private Industry and Public Health Related?

    When comparing private sector vs public sector health careers, prospective students need to know what opportunities are available in the field. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the easiest way to compare the two types of sectors is to look at funding. Public health care is typically funded through the government and managed by national healthcare organizations. Private health care organizations are created for profit and can be funded through self-employed practitioners and non-government… Continue Reading

  • How Do I Get Into Public Health Management?

    Public health can be a very lucrative, yet challenging career path. This career focuses on the overall well-being of human life and preventing diseases. There are many areas that fall under public health that must be properly managed. That’s where public health management really shines, being the leader in partnerships, making decisions, and ensuring everything runs smoothly. What is Public Health Management? Public health management is the administrative and managerial part of public health. It… Continue Reading

  • Are There Private Sector Jobs in Public Health?

    Public health in the US is complicated, especially because the public health system is a complex web of public and private agencies, organizations, companies, and institutions. There are many public health jobs in the private sector, especially in the following areas. Education Public health educators are found in both the public and private sectors. A public health educator works to develop health programs and informative courses that will provide the public at large with what… Continue Reading

  • Top 30 MPH/MBA Dual Degrees

    Dual MPH and MBA programs offer several benefits to students who choose to go the extra mile by taking a double major. Dual MBA programs that include a public health administration degree allow the graduate to meet the strict educational requirements of high-level leadership positions in both the public and private sectors. Taking on a leadership role involves a large number of responsibilities and requires someone who has advanced skills when managing the daily operations… Continue Reading

  • Current Public Health Challenges in the South

    The Southern U.S. is constantly in the news for rural public health issues. With a high proportion of rural and low-income communities, and the legacy of Jim Crow and segregation, rates of obesity, heart disease, pulmonary issues, substance abuse and more are cause for alarm when it comes to health concerns in the Southern U.S. Rural public health issues are the result of many different influencing factors, but there's no denying the impact they have… Continue Reading

  • What is the Florida Department of Health Doing to Address COVID-19?

    It has been a scary year. Even after first being detected more than thirteen month ago, Florida COVID cases continue to run rampant in the Sunshine State. And those who may be returning to work or school may be wondering what to expect as they try to resume life. For those living in Florida, here is a guide on Florida COVID plans. How is Florida Handing the Pandemic? Florida took quick action with the pandemic,… Continue Reading

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