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  • Complete Job Description of a Maternal and Child Health Specialist

    Maternal and Child Health Specialists are public health professionals, working in an interdisciplinary field. These workers have completed an MPH program with a focus in Maternal and Child Health. They provide access and information to families about health services available to benefit both the child and the parents. MCH Specialists may analyze and develop health programs that work to protect individuals and families from illnesses, and promote an overall healthy lifestyle for all members of… Continue Reading

  • Top 3 Scholarships available to MPH Students in Maternal & Child Health

    The Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs (AMCHP) works with public health leaders and other community health workers to assist with measures to improve the health of women, children, youth, and families. They also work to assist with the special health care needs of people with disabilities and low-income families. Members of the AMCHP come from various backgrounds. While many are of leaders in their field,  such as directors of MCH programs, some are… Continue Reading

  • What is the Maternal Child Health MPH Job and Salary Outlook?

    The mission for a maternal and child health specialist is “to improve the health of America’s mothers, children, and families,” according to the Child Health Bureau. One of the main goals of an MCH is to provide patient-centered facilities with the highest quality care to mother and child.  Promoting health equity to all patients is also a focus of the MCH specialist. These Public Health specialists work within the public health field of Human Services.… Continue Reading

  • Top 10 Maternal and Child Health MPH Programs

    Across the globe, from the Third World to developed nations, access to maternal and child health is one of the leading public health concerns. Complications in childbirth, infant mortality, and lack of vaccines and treatment for common diseases causes unnecessary suffering and death for millions of women and children worldwide. That’s why programs in maternal and child health are one of the most crucial elements of higher education in public health; training expert professionals in… Continue Reading

  • Top 25 Online MPH Community Health Degree Programs 2019

    Community health is one of the most fundamental and crucial specializations in the public health field; after all, public health starts in the community. While there are many areas of public health that rarely or never have direct contact with people in the field - public health epidemiology, public health analysis, health policy management, or population health management, for instance - its the community health worker who is doing the hard work on the ground… Continue Reading

  • Complete Job Description of a Population Health Manager

    A Population Health Manager, also known as a PHM, focuses mainly on individual patient care. The primary purpose is to improve the health outcomes of a group by monitoring and identifying individual patients within that group; usually based on medical conditions, age, and location. PHM professionals create programs that can complete tasks like aggregating data to providing a complete clinical picture of each individual client. By using data like these, the providers then can easily… Continue Reading

  • Complete Job Description of a Community Health Worker

    Community Health is a field of Public Health where the primary objective is to bring wellness to the community that it serves. Where Public Health workers may work different capacities of health like Epidemiology or Global Health, Community Health workers work directly with individuals in the immediate community. The purpose of this is to provide patient care that is focused on compassion and empathy, and that offers a supportive atmosphere. If you are someone who… Continue Reading

  • Population Health vs. Public Health

    For those interested in a career path as a Healthcare Professional, something to consider when determining a career path is the differences between population health and public health. Both of these titles work to improve the health of the public itself and fall under the umbrella of the field of Health Sciences. There are many similarities and differences between the two. To understand the distinction, one must first correctly define them. What is Population Health?… Continue Reading

  • Complete Job Description of a Public Health Analyst

    A Public Health Analyst works to improve the health and wellbeing of the public within its community. Interpersonal skills and expertise in healthcare reform are needed to be successful in the public health field in general. Public Health Analysts also work to provide data analysis of public health issues, find practical solutions, and report statistical and analytical outcomes to providers. Public Health Analysts work with many demographics, so developing strong, cross-cultural communication skills is most… Continue Reading

  • Top 4 Entry Level CDC Jobs

    There are many options when trying to get your foot in the door with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The education level one must have attained prior to an entry-level job at the CDC is largely dependent on which department they wish to work in, but an MPH is a common education level for CDC employees. General qualifications this international public health organization looks for include analytical skills, the ability to work on… Continue Reading

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