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  • Do I Need an MPH or an MHA?

    When you are looking into your career options, you may find yourself comparing a MHA vs MPH program. By clarifying the difference between public health and health administration, you can determine the right option for your goals and situation. MPH vs MHA: The Difference Between Public Health and Health Administration When it comes to the difference between MHA and MPH programs, you will want to consider the role you plan to take in your career.… Continue Reading

  • What’s the Better Choice: MPH, MHA, or MBA?

    If a public health professional wants to pursue a career where he or she holds an administrative position, they may want to consider getting either an MPH, MHA, or MBA, or combining two of them in a dual degree. Each one of these degrees gives a person the skills and education necessary to hold management positions. However, it's important for an individual to understand what each degree is, the positions that are available with the… Continue Reading

  • Top 25 MPH and Health Administration Programs

    When you are looking into an MPH health administration degree program, you may consider why a dual degree is a good option for your goals. A key reason to consider an MHA MPH dual degree is the flexibility for your career. The advantage of an MPH program is the option to select from a multitude of career opportunities. In the case of MPH MHA dual degree programs, students learn multi-disciplinary approaches to different aspects of… Continue Reading

  • Choosing an MPH Specialization

    Public health careers have projected a growth potential of 18 percent, which is why it's such a hot topic. Within the careers in public health, there are specializations to consider. The areas of public health that are the most common include Environmental Health, Behavioral Science and Health Education, Health Services Administration, Biostatistics, and Epidemiology. When a healthcare professional is trying to determine which specialization will work best for their needs and long-term goals, it's typically… Continue Reading

  • How Do Public Health and Public Policy Relate?

    If you're thinking about a career in which you help people get the resources they need to live a healthy life, you may be interested in a master's in public health and administration. Public health and administration degrees allow you to learn more about how the government shapes the policies that affect people's well-being and access to health care. You'll have the opportunity to apply for jobs that will allow you to create change for… Continue Reading

  • Top 25 MPH, MPA, and MPP Dual Degrees

    If you're working in a public health-related field, and have an interest in making a difference on a bigger scale, you may be wondering, "What can you do with a public health policy degree?" This type of degree is a great option for people who want to work in health care in a way that assists people who may not have the resources they need to live a healthy life. A public health policy degree… Continue Reading

  • What is Public Health Law?

    Public Health Law focuses on the legal practice and authority related to public health policy and advocacy. The general goal of Public Health Law is to improve the health of the population by using effective deterrents and punishment. Some of the most effective government efforts in Public Health Law have related to motor vehicle safety, immunization rates, and dental hygiene. Related Ranking: Top 25 MPH JD Dual Degrees To practice law, a candidate must graduate… Continue Reading

  • A Public Health Crisis: Fentanyl & Opiates in America

    When doctors prescribe an opioid medication, or an opiate drug, for pain relief, it may bring up many questions. A common concern is the risk of addiction from the drug. The country has seen an increased rate of opioid addiction and it has resulted in an epidemic that raises concerns for local and state communities, as well as national public health risks. It is one of the most significant public health crises of our time,… Continue Reading

  • The Top 26 Free Online Public Health Courses

    With the rise of MOOCs and the ease of online learning, there are free courses in nearly every field imaginable. Free online public health courses hold benefits for public health professionals, and anyone interested in public health, at any level. For example, someone completely unfamiliar with public health can use these courses to see if public health is the right field for them, while even seasoned public health professionals may have a lightbulb spark from… Continue Reading

  • What is Public Health Continuing Education?

    When you finish a degree in public health, it is important to continue working on your education as you move into your career. Public health continuing education ensures that you are up-to-date with new studies, innovations, and ideas within healthcare and public health. It also helps you maintain your opportunities for a career in the future. By obtaining a public health certification, you ensure that your employers feel confident in your abilities. How Do Public… Continue Reading

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