What can I do with an online DrPH?
By Sam MacArthur

The career options are plenty for those who obtain an online DrPH. Depending on what your passion is in the world of public health, and where your current background of experience lies, obtaining a DrPH will lead your career path to a bright future.

With so many quality online DrPH programs, you will be able to get your new degree while continuing to work in your sector and gain experience. Career options include: Health Department Directors, Public Health Information Officers, Policy Advisors, Biostaticians, Policy Analysts, and National or International Health Consultants. Or, you may decide to become faculty members or lecturers as well. With so many to choose from, we’ll highlight a few in more detail below.

Public Information Officers

In this career you will be the spokesperson representing a government office, hospital or clinic, college, university, or a city. You will be relaying health information to the public and/or media, and giving the human touch to the delivery. In this position, you will speak for your employer, helping develop information, organize the delivery, and work with the media to make sure the information is not only accurate but delivered in a timely manner. People who make good Public Information Officers are organized and creative, with strong communication skills and grace under stress. This career can be very dynamic, and rewarding. The average salary for this position is usually around $51,000.


If you are a numbers person and enjoy gathering and analyzing data, then becoming a biostatician would be a great fit for you. Biostaticians find health trends by collecting instance reports and other data from the community such as cancer, drug use, diabetes or even domestic abuse. Once the data is collected they analyze it to summarize the trends occurring in their specific area. This community-specific information will help drive public information on programs, testing, and help shape budgeting and funding to best suit the needs of the community. The average salary for this position is around $74,000.

Policy Analyst

As a Policy Analyst, you would gather your information differently than the Biostatician. Policy Analysts are in charge of evaluating how public programs are functioning by doing on-site visits to research health and social challenges. They will evaluate if current programs are running efficiently and smoothly as intended, as well as doing a cost-benefit analysis. Once they gather their findings, they write reports to submit to policy makers. From these reports, policy makers can develop new programs, improve current programs and end programs that are no longer needed. This career is perfect for someone who enjoys onsite research and writing. The average salary for this position is around $60,000.

Public Health Educator

Public Health Educators provide wellness information about the health and safety concerns that may be present within a specific community. In this position, you will team up with professionals in the healthcare field as well as the public health department. Together you will identify trends and address those needs within your specific community or region. As the Public Health Educator, you will then bring that knowledge to the public. This is a rewarding career, as it lets you create outreach programs that will benefit the community and speak directly to health challenges that specific community is facing. The average salary for this position is around $53,000.

If you currently have a MPH and are thinking of pursuing your DrPH, there are many opportunities available for you to advance your career. The number of reputable online DrPH programs available makes it easy to get your education without taking a break from your career. Obtaining your DrPH is sure to hold professional and personal rewards as you continue your career in the public health sector.

*salary information according to PayScale.com September/October 2017.