What Can You Do With an MPH?
By Staff Writer

Are you a holder of a master’s degree in public health? Or maybe thinking of pursuing an MPH but need assurance that a career will follow? If this is the question that has been bothering you for the longest time, put your worries to rest as there are plenty of MPH career options that you can obtain in many different locations (even internationally!) While prospective students of the MPH degree have the opportunity to work and serve in a variety of positions, it’s best to plan ahead before actually starting the degree program.

Are There Different Career Options Associated With an MPH?

Yes! So choose well. For instance, in the event that you choose biostatistics, it is most likely that you will land a job within the field of pharmacoepidemiology working in research labs with a heavy science and statistics focus to the daily job requirements. Incidentally, biostatistics and epidemiology positions pay extremely well. However, money aside, if you opt to do a policy track or health systems even though you really intended on landing a high research job, you may pigeon-hole your career within the confines of local and state agencies unless you add certifications to branch out. The take-home here is this, know your goals before you get in the game. It’s no fun being stuck in an MPH track that doesn’t truly meet your needs.

I Have My Public Health Degree, Now What Are My Career Options?

  • Biosecurity Specialist

With an MPH one may become a biosecurity specialist charged with protecting the larger public from potential or real biological dangers and attacks

  • Bioterrorism Researcher

Again, with an MPH, one is more likely to assume the role of bioterrorism researcher charged with focusing how bioterrorist attacks look like, and the possibility of where they are most likely to come from

  • Environmental Scientist Assistant

Here, one will be responsible for focusing his or her attention on a number of environmental hazards and how they may affect or impact public health

  • Assistant Professor of Epidemiology

Based on the nature of this job, with an MPH or even a DRPH, one will be responsible for educating new students on matters related to epidemiology and its relation to public health

  • Specialist in Clinical Infectious Diseases

Armed with an MPH, one will be able to assume this role where they will be required to work closely with patients having infectious diseases, and how they can go about stopping them from spreading

  • Specialist in Child Health

This role will require an individual with MPH to work specifically with illnesses that affect children

This role involves researching the potential effects that disasters may have on public health in addition to working closely with consultants in disaster preparedness

  • Correctional Physician

With an MPH/MD, one can also become a correctional physician. This role involves working with inmates and other individuals in the correctional system

Is There Anything Else I Can Do With an MPH?

There are more than 80 awesome things that you can do with an MPH degree! The above does not constitute the only career options that are available for you in the event that you are a current or a potential graduate. In fact, other things that those with an MPH can do include or become include Homeless Service Educators, Assistants in Health Legislative, Hospital Administrators, Health Unit Coordinators, and Surveyors of Health Facilities just to mention but a few. As it appears, there are many career options that you can pursue with an MPH.