Can I Get A CEPH Accredited MPH without the GRE?
By Staff Writer

The short answer is, yes, many schools will offer their Masters of Public Health (MPH) degree without the requirement of taking the Graduate Records Exam (GRE).

What is CEPH?

ceph online mph programsThe Council on Education for Public Health is a national, independent organization that is recognized to accredit not only graduate schools offering MPH, but also their graduate public health programs. In order to achieve this accreditation, the schools must meet their published criteria. By choosing a university that is accredited by CEPH, you will have the assurance that the curriculum covers the necessary skills and gain the knowledge needed for a successful employment in public health. If you are worried that all CEPH Universities are not affordable, check out our list of the Top 30 Most Affordable Online MPH programs. Many touted universities are offering online programs with just as much distinction as their on-campus programs. Universities that have been awarded this distinguished honor of being CEPH accredited, will give their graduates a strong advantage when entering the workplace.

The No GRE Required Option

There are many well respected and affordable online programs offering entrance without requiring the GRE. Schools that do not require the GRE as part of their entrance application typically use other methods to measure a prospective student’s ability to be successful in their program. These programs realize the GRE is a difficult test, can be a hassle to take, not to mention an extra expense to the prospective student. For these reasons, schools have decided to use some of the following ways to measure the student’s eligibility.

What are the Admission Requirements for an MPH Program?

There are various other ways that a school can measure the prospective student’s education ability, such as previous or current work history, academic background and personal references. Many programs will take a deeper look into your prior education and look for a high GPA (grade point average) and your grades in specific course work. They may also ask for submission of test results from other exams. Letters of Recommendation will also support a student’s application. Have a few key letters ready to submit. These letters are most impactful coming from prior schools, key instructors or a supervisor in the workplace, if you have prior experience in this field of work.

For working professionals in the field that would like to increase pay and are looking to “go back to school,” having the right experience and proven skills will absolutely help you gain entrance into an MPH. If you happen to be a doctoral level student, many programs will forego the GRE based on the level of education you have already received.

Checking the Reputation of An MPH Program

When looking for a program to pursue your MPH, it is most important to make sure the program is accredited. Without having that, you risk not getting the knowledge and learning the skills most helpful in the workplace. Employers are looking for students who have been trained properly and are ready to go. Earning this degree from an accredited school will help you move your career quickly in the right direction. Interested in finding an affordable online and accredited MPH program? Check out our listing of the Top 30 Most Affordable Online MPH Programs and take your first step into this meaningful career in public health.