How Much Can I Make With An Online MPH?
By Staff Writer

The one question most students ask before embarking on a Masters Degree in Public Health, is “how much money will I make?” Luckily for those interested in obtaining a MPH, the salary outlook is favorable. On average, many starting salaries in these positions is $50,000. However, when investing in your education, students also want to keep in mind the cost of their education vs their salary potential. With the abundance of online programs available, many students will find MPH degree programs will offer them the quality education they are looking for while still being affordable.

What Kinds of Jobs Can I Do With an MPH?

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It is a great time to earn a MPH degree as the demand for public health officials is increasing annually with a projected growth rate of 10% by 2022, according to BLS data. The largest push is coming from all levels of government as they invest in public health disease prevention. An Epidemiologist studies how disease occurs and circulates through a population. The obtained information is then used by biologists and chemists to understand the nature of disease, and most importantly – how to contain it and weaken viral outbreaks. The median annual income for an Epidemiologist was $70,820 (BLS- May, 2017).

Another growing field for those with a MPH, is a Public Health Educator. As with disease prevention, education is a large factor in health promotion. The largest employers for Public Health Educators are general medical and surgical hospitals. The addition of a Public Health Educator gives patients, families and communities knowledge about common diseases and how they can be proactive in helping combat the spread of these diseases. As of May 2017, the average salary for a Public Health Educator is $43,543. However, combining your profession with a degree, top salaries in this field are $60,000. BLS research shows, that the demand for Public Health Educators will increase by 37% by 2020.

Nutritionist and dietitians are another example of a growing profession for those interested in working in public health. Their knowledge of food and nutrition to promoting personal health and disease management is so important in the public health arena. Many hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, college campuses and athletic facilities employ nutritionists and/or dietitians to educate their clientele and help patients or clients not only manage disease but attain personal nutritional goals. The median salary for a Nutritionist is $43,500 and a Dietitian is $51,000. In addition, the growth rate expected for this profession is 21% by 2022.

How High Can Salaries Go?

There is no doubt that investing in a Masters of Public Health, has a very positive outlook for obtaining a commendable salary. As a public health professional, you will find a wide variety of careers available. In addition to the areas highlighted above, other areas of profession include: Environmental Scientist (median salary $49,947), Statistician (median salary $72,800), Public Health Nurse (median salary $4,400) or a Health Service Manager (median salary $82,000). Keep in mind, these salaries are averaged across the country, so depending on where you live has a large impact on the salaries in your hometown. Having the right education is the first step on your path towards your career in public health. To find out more about the most affordable online MPH programs, take a look at the following programs in our Top 30 Most Affordable Online MPH Programs.