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If you’re looking for information on Master’s in Public Health (MPH) degree programs then you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find quality information and advice about the best and most affordable public health schools, the Top Online MPH Programs, careers in public health, and more. Public health is an important common good, and those called to leadership in public health deserve the best training and career guidance available. That’s precisely what we strive to provide at MPH Online.

Master’s in Public Health Degrees

The Master of Public Health (MPH) degree is the most widely recognized professional credential for leadership positions in public health. According to a recent article in Kiplinger, it is one of the few graduate degrees still worth the money, as public health jobs and MPH salaries increase along with the expansion of the healthcare industry, government interest in disaster-preparedness, and local communities invest more in preventative health.

The best MPH degree programs are built around the core disciplines of public health, which include education, administration, policy, community practice, and research. Within these core disciplines there are numerous possible specializations leading to a wide variety of possible public health careers in a diversity of settings. For more information on the MPH degree, check out our articles What is a MPH Degree?. You might also be interested in learning more about Public Health Scholarships or Public Health Internships.

Finding the Best School of Public Health

Regardless of which area of public health you’re interested in, if you’re serious about a public health career then you’re going to want to earn your degree from a top MPH program at one of the best schools of public health. To help you do that our editors researched all of the top public health schools to find the very best MPH programs available. Whether you’re looking for top ranked online universities that will allow you to earn your MPH while continuing to work, or a respected campus based program where face to face learning is at a premium, you can find it here. We’ve put together MPH rankings of the Top Online MPH Programs and the best public health schools for traditional MPH degrees.

What is Public Health?

C.E.A. Winslow, a leading figure in the Public Health movement of the 1920’s, described public health as “the science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts and informed choices of society, organizations, public and private, communities and individuals.” Although breakthroughs in research, technology, globalization, and social awareness have changed the profession significantly since Dr. Winslow’s day, his definition still captures the essence of the “science and art” that is public health. For more, see our article What is Public Health?

Public Health Careers

Graduates of top MPH degree programs typically go on to satisfying and well-paying careers as policy advisers, epidemiologists, health educators, health communication specialists, medical directors, local health officers and a variety of other public health jobs. Public health professionals work in a diversity of settings, including schools, hospitals, government agencies, non-profits, NGO’s, among others. For more information see our articles on Public Health Careers and Public Health Salaries.

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