Gates Foundation Inventions
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bill gates inventions

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Tech Innovation for Worldwide Health

The Gates Foundation is predicted to save the lives of 7.6 million children under 5 from 2010-2019[8]
And has already saved:[9]
3.4 million from Hepatitis B
1.2 million from Measles
560 thousand from HIB Bacteria
474 thousand from whooping cough
140 thousand from yellow fever
30 thousand from Polio
and 8 thousand from pneumonia

Bill Gates is part of the Giving Pledge.
In which billionaires pledge to give away half of their net worth to philanthropic causes[10]

The Gates Foundation pushes “agile” and “accelerated” grants.

A two page application can equal $100,000 in funding (renewable twice a year)
Follow up grants up to $1 million
Grants solving our most basic problems:
[1][# grants by continent, mapping out would probably work.]
North America: 66 grants
South America: 4 grants
Europe: 28 grants
Africa: 20 grants
Asia: 14 grants
Oceania: 7 grants

Since 2008, there have been some amazing success stories
Including: [2]

Low Cost Priority Global Health Phone Apps
New Approaches to Cure HIV
Develop the Next Generation of Condom
Aid is working. Tell the World.
Create next generation sanitation technologies

The condom of the future
Problem:Condoms unpleasurable to use and of flawed designs increase unwanted pregnancy and disease around the world.
Nearly half the yearly pregnancies in the U.S. are unplanned. Overwhelmingly lower income parents.[4]

Goal:A pleasurable, easy to use, and stronger condom.[3]
Current Solutions:
1.) The “rapidom”
–tightens during intercourse
–one size fits all
–donned in one smooth motion
2.)The “wrapping condom”
–wraps and clings rather than squeezing
3.)Superelastomer condoms
–softer, cheaper, less easily deformed or broken.
4.)Graphene condom
–use world’s thinnest, strongest, and mots conductive carbon.
5.)STD killing condom
–one size fits all
–heat activated to release drugs killing STD’s

Toilets For the Third World
Problem: 2.5 billion in developing countries practice open defecation or use unsafe pits.
For women: A source of dignity, privacy, safety.
–Lack of covered bathrooms keep the developing world’s girls away from school.
For Children:
1.6 million children die each year from diarrheal disease [6]
Goal: Sustainable sanitation services for those without centralized sanitation.
Low cost, long lasting, backup mechanism for failure, minimal water, energy and space requirements, aesthetically pleasing, appealing across cultural contexts.
Current Solutions:[7]
1.)RTI International: $1.3 million grant
disinfects liquid waste, and turns solid waste into fuel or electricity.
2.)Cranfield University: $810,000 grant
Removes water from human waste, vaporizes it–>condensed water can be used for washing or irrigation. Solids are turned into fuel that can be used as fertilizer.
3.) CU Boulder: $780,000 grant
Concentrates sunlight to disinfect waste. Turns waste into bio-charcoal that can be used as fertilizer or wood charcoal replacements.

Mobile Field Refrigerators for Medicine
Problem: Vaccines needing refrigeration go bad in locations without power.
Goal: Find a sustainable vaccine cooling method for regions without power.
current Solutions:
True Energy: $100,000 grant
Sure Chill Fridge
Can stay at 4 degrees Celsius for 10 days with no power[13]
Uses solar in the day to preserve temperature at night.

Public Health Phone Apps
Problem: Under-utilization of common internet ready cell coverage for public health causes.
Goal:Innovation in using developing world mobile networks for public health.
Current Solutions:[14]
Mobile Vision
Testing 2 apps prompting healthcare workers to check on pregnant women and newborn children at critical junctures.
Field testing a fingerprint tracking app that prevents vaccination redundancies.

Injection Free Vaccines[11]
Problem: Vaccine refrigeration
Needle and Syringe contamination
Goal: Increase vaccine use and ease of use.
Current Solutions:[11]
King’s College London
Microneedle array made of dried sugar dissolves into skin with vaccine.
Can be kept at room temperature.

Innovation is profitable, and will probably save your life.