What is a Public Health Nutritionist?
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Nutrition is one of the cornerstones of maintaining a quality level of health. As a result of this, public health officials often work toward creating high levels of nutrition among the general population. The public health nutrition definition uses the application of nutrition in order to encourage a healthy, growing population. Without proper nutrition, the public becomes more vulnerable to disease, illness, and other health issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is nutrition?

Nutrition is a process that involves an adequate consumption of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to live a healthy and prosperous life. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services discusses the importance of public health nutrition, stating that eating nutritional meals leads to a decrease in hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, and weight gain. Adequate nutrition is also linked to good brain health and intelligence.

2. What is public health nutrition and what is a public health nutrition?

Public health nutrition aims to promote the overall nutritional health among a population. This can be done through a variety of ways, most notably through health services, program development, and policy advocacy. A public health nutritionist is an expert who works in this field, providing education and resources related to nutrition. A career in nutrition could mean the designing of a public nutrition program, the assessment of patients, the creation of diet-health plans, and the education of the general public in how to maintain a nutritionally balanced diet. These are all vital strategies in maintaining a high level of nutritional health among a large number of people.

3. What kind of jobs can I get as a public health nutritionist?

Job seekers can find public health nutritionist jobs in a number of settings: hospitals, nursing facilities, outpatient facilities, clinics, and physician offices. Some nutritionists are self-employed, offering nutritional counseling on their own terms. When it comes to public health nutrition, the job will revolve around encouraging community health nutrition. Health organizations will hire qualified public workers for these roles.

4. How does community nutrition relate to public health? 

Public health nutrition takes on a general approach, focusing on the research of disease prevention and quality of life. This area of nutrition will concentrate on research on dieting and food science. Community health nutrition is about the development of health programs that promote nutritional services. Community effort will typically work to provide promotion, patient assessment, meal plan development, food security, food safety, and healthy eating encouragement to schools and communities within an area. These programs will relay the importance of community nutrition through education and service.

5. How do I become a public health nutritionist?

Usually, a job seeker would need to seek some sort of bachelor’s degree from an accredited nutritionist program. You could also earn a master’s or a doctorate degree in nutrition from a college or university. Once a degree is earned, the employer may expect that the aspiring nutritionist earns further experience through an internship of some kind. Most U.S. states require some form of license or certification in order to work in the public health sector. In order to become a registered dietitian, you will need certification by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The Academy offers more career resources in the form of advancement, marketing, networking, and volunteering opportunities.

6. How much money does a public health nutritionist make?

Due to its importance, the public health sector is a high paying area. Payscale estimates that the average nutritionist makes a salary of $51,101 a year.

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