25 Best Biostatistics MPH Programs
By Sam MacArthur

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Biostatistics – the tracking of health data – has never been more important. With recent events – specifically the destructive, worldwide Covid-19 pandemic – public health has come into the public eye in a way it has not in generations. Professionals working in public health have a strong incentive to earn a higher degree in the field, prompting many to wonder “Should I get an MPH in Biostatistics?” 

With increased demand in recent years, public health schools have developed many new programs, including online programs, executive programs, and intensives, to help get trained professionals into the field. MPH Programs are very competitive, and each application is scrutinized. The student must determine how to submit a glowing and competitive application. It depends on where the student decides to take this course study as to the requirements for admissions. It is recommended to review the application process closely as each program may differ somewhat. 

Ranking the Best Biostatistics MPH Programs 

Students who are considering an MPH in Biostatistics want to know their degree will pay off for their career, so MPHOnline editors consider only accredited, reputable colleges and universities. Programs are ranked according to their cost, reputation, and salary potential, using current data from sources like IPEDS and Niche. 

1. University of Washington

The University of Washington offers one of the best biostatistics MPH degree programs on the west coast. The program is 18-months long and is conducted primarily online. Students are taught how to collect and utilize information concerning public health, environmental, and pharmacology, among other topics. With an MPH in Biostatistics, graduates are able to find work in both the public and private sectors. They have the confidence and skills to perform each task efficiently and expeditiously.

The University of Washington is known for providing top quality degree programs that involve the most advanced technology possible. In addition to the professional faculty, the university offers valuable resources to graduates who are preparing on entering into a profession that involves the use of biostatistics and other information that relates to the environment and public health. Graduates are able to move forward in their careers with the knowledge they need to succeed in whatever position they choose to pursue.

Program: Online 18-month Biostatistics MPH 

2. UNC Chapel Hill

UNC-Chapel Hill offers students an online MPH in Biostatistics degree program. Students learn how to use valuable biostatistics to make predictions, manage, analyze, and create reports that effectively communicate the data they have collected. By earning an online MPH at the university, the graduate will have all of the skills and abilities they need to create a career they can be proud of for many years to come.

UNC-Chapel Hill is well-known for its advanced academic degree programs and faculty members who are well-respected by their peers. Every instructor has made a commitment to make themselves available to students whenever they may be needed. Graduates who attend UNC-Chapel Hill and earn an online MPH often do so because it allows them to continue working while they are going to school. Online MPH in biostatistics degree programs offer flexible schedules and the ability to use the information they learn in real-time if they are working in a research capacity.

Program: Online Biostatistics MPH

3. Purdue University

Purdue University offers an online MPH in Biostatistics degree for students who want to make a career performing research or making sense of large amounts of statistical data. Students are taught how to manipulate and manage massive amounts of data that relate to both environmental and health-based statistics. With an online Biostatistics MPH degree, a graduate can find employment in a wide variety of industries that deal with public health information.

Purdue University is considered one of the elite schools of higher learning when it comes to online learning and educational research. Known for its quality degree programs and high standards of academic excellence, the university is capable of providing each graduate with the best possible chance of landing a position that will allow them to take on the maximum amount of responsibility. With this type of degree, they can choose to take their career in almost any direction, be it in the healthcare field or environmental.

Program: Online Biostatistics MPH


UCLA offers an online MPH in Biostatistics degree program that gives students the foundation for a successful career in the field of research or public health services. Skills include collecting, manipulating, managing, and analyzing large amounts of data that is accumulated over a specific period of time. Graduates of UCLA who have earned an online Biostatistics MPH are ready to go to work performing research or working in an office that utilizes this type of data on a regular basis.

UCLA is known all over the globe for its exceptional academic programs and cutting-edge technology. The university works tirelessly to find the most experienced and professional faculty members who continually dedicate themselves to their students and their passion for teaching. Online degree programs make it possible for students to maintain a full school schedule in addition to working 40 hours a week. This makes it possible for students to earn the experience they need while they are still in school.

Program: Biostatistics MPH

5. University of Michigan

The University of Michigan provides students with online MPH in Biostatistics degree programs that are developed to give students all of the skills they will need to pursue a lucrative career. There are multiple skill sets taught through the degree program that allow them to take advantage of career opportunities in research, public health, environmental studies, and many other career fields. Choosing an online MPH in biostatistics gives students a chance to gain the knowledge they need from school and the experience they need from working at a full-time job.

The University of Michigan is one of the most well-liked and well-respected universities in the United States with it comes to excellence in education. Students are given every advantage when it comes to advanced degree programs and state of the art technology. Faculty members are proven professionals in their own fields and are able to provide valuable insight to students who want to create a career with a solid foundation. Graduates of the university are able to enjoy opportunities for advancement on many different professional levels.

Program: Biostatistics MPH

6. University of California, Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley provides students with an online MPH in biostatistics that can be completed from almost any location. Students can learn the skills they need to successfully collect, organize, and utilize a wide variety of statistical data. Enrolling in an online degree program that focuses on the use of statistical data allows the student to study when and wherever they can. Pursuing an online degree makes it possible for a student to maintain a strict work schedule in addition to attending class.

As one of the most respected schools in the country, the University of California, Berkeley offers degree programs that are second to none in terms of the sciences and statistics. The staff and faculty of the university offer insight and perspective that many students can use to their advantage. With an online degree, the students of the university can maintain working and supporting their families while earning their degree and building a career. This gives them both experience and usable knowledge.

Program: Online Biostatistics MPH

7. University of Florida

The University of Florida gives students an online MPH in biostatistics that can be used in many different ways. Students receive training in how to collect biostatistical data, as well as how it should be organized and used to perform research or establish protocols and best practices. Graduates who need to continue to work often have no other choice but to choose an online MPH degree program that allows them to study while they are on the job.

The University of Florida has a long-standing reputation for providing quality academics and experienced faculty. The university offers award-winning degree programs that use state of the art technology as part of the educational process. Earning an online MPH in biostatistics is the best way to complete a degree while continuing to be gainfully employed. Graduates are able to take the experience and knowledge they receive from their degree program and apply them to a variety of employment opportunities.

Program: Biostatistics MPH (core online) 

8. Columbia University

Columbia University provides students with an online MPH in biostatistics that will allow them to pursue a career in one of many public health or medical careers. These careers rely on the use of statistics to establish protocols and perform research on a variety of health issues as they pertain to the safety of the public. With an online MPH degree program, graduates are able to work in areas where public policies are developed as well as specific protocols that are used to establish safety guidelines.

Columbia University is one of the most authoritative schools of higher learning in the northeastern United States. The university has won numerous awards for both its faculty as well as its exceptional degree programs. Staff and faculty members are professionals who have established careers that give them the insight to teach from a different perspective. The online degree programs offered by the university provide students with an opportunity to return to school and work at the same time.

Program: Biostatistics MPH

9. SUNY Downstate Medical Center

SUNY Downstate Medical Center offers an online MPH biostatistics degree program that will allow them to work in either research or public service-oriented positions. They are taught skills that enable them to sort through and utilize large amounts of data through statistical analysis and various scientific protocols. By enrolling in an online MPH degree program, students are able to pursue their educational goals while supporting their families and gaining experience.

SUNY Downstate Medical Center is one of the most advanced schools of higher learning when it comes to establishing public policy and public health protocols. Faculty members who are employed at the university are professionals in their own right that use their professional skills as teaching tools. Online degree programs are characterized by extremely flexible schedules and technologically advanced teaching tools that allow students to learn from any location.

Program: Biostatistics MPH

10. University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota gives students one of the best online biostatistics MPH degrees to choose from. The skills the students receive include the ability to recognize patterns in statistics and then use those patterns to predict future outcomes and establish protocols based on the data that has been collected. An online MPH in biostatistics allows students who have a passion for numbers and information an opportunity to turn what they love into an exciting career.

The University of Minnesota gives each student a chance to learn from the best possible teachers in the Minnesota area. The degree programs offered by the university are second to none when it comes to academic excellence and advanced learning strategies. When a student must continue working, their only option when it comes to completing their degree is to enroll in an online MPH in biostatistics degree program. The degree they earn will give them every opportunity to succeed.

Program: Biostatistics MPH

11. University of Maryland

The University of Maryland has an online biostatistics MPH degree program for students who are looking for a quality education. The ability to attend an online degree program to learn the skills they need to understand and use large amounts of data works well for students who must maintain a full-time work schedule. An online MPH degree gives students everything they may need to start down a path that will allow them to build the career they have always wanted.

The University of Maryland has established itself as one of the premier universities in the eastern states. In addition to academic excellence, the university has gone to great lengths to find instructors and faculty members who have the necessary experience to teach effectively when it comes to public health and statistical research. Graduates who attend the university by enrolling in an online degree program can rest assured they have everything they need to build a solid career.

Program: Biostatistics MPH

12. Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University offers an online MPH in biostatistics degree program that can be completed while the student works. The degree program offers skills that are required when analyzing and managing different types of data and statistics. Students who love to work with numbers and want to be able to use that passion as part of the duties associated with their career, can enroll in an online MPH degree program and work toward establishing themselves as professionals in their field.

Johns Hopkins University has a solid reputation as one of the most technologically advanced schools of learning in the United States. In addition to the excellent degree programs and the professional faculty members, the university is well-known for the number of resources it offers to students who enroll in both traditional classroom and online degree programs. After a student graduates, they are able to take advantage of many new employment opportunities in both the public and private sectors.

Program: Online/Part-time Biostatistics MPH

13. University of South Florida

The University of South Florida offers an online MPH in biostatistics for students who can’t afford to take time away from work to complete their education. Skills are taught that allow students to look at large amounts of data that involves various types of public health statistics. Students are taught to identify potential patterns and sequences that are then used to establish policies and safety protocols. By completing an MPH degree online, students can finish their education and continue gaining valuable experience.

The University of South Florida offers many of the most advanced online degree programs available in the south Florida area. With the advanced technology, excellent academics, and professional faculty members, the university is able to provide each student with the level of education they deserve. Online courses make it possible for them to work through their education, earning their degree when it is most convenient for them to do so.

Program: MPH w/ Biostatistics grad certificate

14. Arizona State University

Arizona State University provides students with an online MPH in biostatistics that will help them earn their degree while they maintain a full work schedule. Online MPH degrees offer students the necessary skills they need to pursue a career that involves the continual study of statistics and public health information. Earning a biostatistics MPH degree online is a convenient way for students to achieve their career goals and continue to pursue new opportunities in their current employment.

Arizona State University is known for having excellent academic programs for students who want to continue their education online. By hiring professionals to teach online degree programs, students are given every advantage when it comes to learning from those who have the most experience and hands-on perspective. Online MPH degree programs give students the advantage they need to succeed in any type of job that uses statistics and data to create best practices and safety protocols.

Program: Biostatistics MPH

15. Tufts University

Tufts University provides an online MPH in biostatistics degree program that will allow the student to continue their education using a remote learning option. The skills the students learn allow them to manage large amounts of data and statistics that can be used to predict future patterns when it comes to public safety and health guidelines. An online MPH degree program gives students the tools and resources they need to succeed when it comes to choosing a career path that they can enjoy.

Tufts University is one of the most advanced when it comes to research and the use of statistics. The degree programs offered by the university have won numerous awards and are looked at as being some of the most advanced in terms of educational offerings. Faculty members are committed to teaching every student the skills they need. With their expertise, faculty members are able to answer questions and provide much-needed guidance that students can rely on.

Program: Online Biostatistics MPH

16. University at Buffalo

The SUNY University at Buffalo offers an online MPH in biostatistics degree program that a student can use to kick start their career. The online courses included in the degree program offer the skill sets that are needed for students to work with the highly complex biostatistical data used in public health departments and research labs. Students who choose online classes do so because of the flexibility they allow and the technology they use during the teaching process.

The University at Buffalo is one of many universities that boasts an exceptionally low student to faculty ratio. The advanced education that is offered in the online degree programs makes it possible for students to gain an advantage when trying to find the type of jobs they will truly enjoy. Graduates who earn their degree online can use the flexible schedule to find work in their chosen career field. Being able to find work in the career field they have chosen will give them valuable experience to back up their education.

Program: Biostatistics MPH

17. University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

The University of Arkansas for Medical Services offers an online MPH in biostatistics for students who are interested in working in the data management field. They are taught all of the necessary skills and talents needed to work with statistics and massive amounts of data on a professional level in the highly complex field of medical sciences. With an online MPH in biostatistics, students are able to use the information to make successful predictions about patterns in the health and medical field.

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences has been proven to be one of the most committed universities when it comes to providing students with degree programs that are academically superior. The faculty are fully dedicated to ensuring that each student gets the encouragement and guidance they need as they move on to begin their careers in the medical services industry. The education received by the student will cement their future career, giving them every opportunity for advancement.

Program: Biostatistics MPH

18. University of Nebraska Medical Center

The University of Nebraska Medical Center gives students an opportunity to enroll in an online MPH in biostatistics that can be used to establish a career in public health or medical research. Each of the degree programs offered provides skills that students need to become professionals in the field. They are taught how to gather and analyze large amounts of data for a variety of purposes. With an online biostatistics MPH degree in hand, students are ready to take on the world and enjoy a very successful career.

The University of Nebraska is well-known for its quality educational programs. By offering each of the degree programs online, students are able to enjoy a flexible class schedule that makes it easier for them to study when they have the time. Faculty members work with students to overcome various obstacles they may face while learning in a virtual environment. Once their course of study is complete, students can enter the workforce with the abilities they need to take on any job they choose.

Program: Online Biostatistics MPH

19. University of Southern California

The University of Southern California has online MPH in biostatistics degree programs that give student an advantage when working in the fields of pharmacology and epidemiology. By using the skills they learn in class, they can identify various trends and patterns within the health and medical field. With an online MPH, they are able to enter this complex, fast-paced work environment and make sense of massive amounts of data that is needed for research and to establish new public health protocols and guidelines.

The University of Southern California is one of the west coast’s most prestigious schools in terms of academic excellence and cutting edge technology. Students choose the school not just for its solid degree programs, but also because of the outstanding faculty members. The faculty at the university are award-winning professionals who have years of experience they can draw from while they are teaching in the classroom. Students who graduate from the university can expect to have many new opportunities to choose from as they continue to pursue their careers.

Program: Online Biostatistics MPH

20. University of Alabama at Birmingham

The University of Alabama at Birmingham offers an on-site MPH biostatistics degree program that students can rely on to help them build their careers upon. Each of the degree programs in question provide a variety of skills that the students will need when gathering and analyzing large amounts of information and statistics. Whether they are working in the public sector or a private research facility, they must be able to utilize various resources and tools to be able to successfully complete their assigned tasks.

At the University of Alabama at Birmingham, students are able to enjoy a learning environment that is designed to provide them with every possible advantage. Students and faculty members are able to work together, ensuring each student gets the guidance and encouragement they need to succeed in whatever career goal they attempt. Graduates are able to enter the workforce fully prepared for any challenge they face.

Program: Biostatistics MPH

21. West Virginia University

West Virginia University has an online MPH in biostatistics degree program. By choosing an online program, each student is allowed to remain at their full-time job while they begin to pursue their studies. The skills provided by the online programs are normally required in positions where handling large amounts of data and statistics is part of the job description. Students who earn an online MPH have what they need to start laying the foundation for their career immediately after graduation.

West Virginia University celebrates a long-standing history of excellence in education. Now offering online degrees, the university is continuing that tradition. Online learning opportunities make it much easier on the student to continue to pursue their career goals while at the same time continuing their education as well. Graduates who earn an online MPH have every advantage when it comes to building a solid career foundation.

Program: Biostatistics MPH

22. Boston University

Boston University offers an online executive MPH in biostatistics that allows students to earn both a degree as well as a graduate certificate in their chosen field of study. Students receive valuable skill sets that are required when working with statistics and large amounts of data. They are taught effective management skills they can call upon no matter where they are in their career. With an online executive MPH, each student will find themselves on the fast-track to building a better career.

Boston University is one of the east coast’s most beloved schools of higher learning. The advanced degree programs and professional faculty members offer students everything they need to launch a successful career in biostatistics. Both the staff and the professors of the university are highly trained professionals who are able to guide students through their courses and onto the path of their future careers. Graduates are able to take on many different challenges with confidence and grace.

Program: Online Executive MPH w/ grad certificate in Biostatistics

23. University of Louisville

The University of Louisville provides students with an online Biostatistics MS degree that is second to none in the Midwest. With the skills the students learn with an online MS, they can successfully navigate large quantities of data, organizing it so it can be used effectively to determine specific patterns and trends within the public health system and medical sciences fields. Graduates are able to take their degrees and utilize every tool and technique to their own personal advantage.

The University of Louisville offers an award-winning curriculum to students who want to complete their MS degree online. With an online format, learning and working at the same time has never been easier. Students are able to support their families without putting their college education in jeopardy. Faculty members work with each student to ensure they are receiving everything they need to thrive in such a fast-paced, detail-oriented work environment.

Program: Online MS in Biostatistics 

24. Oregon State University

Oregon State University provides an MPH in biostatistics that is effective at offering all of the skills and resources needed to pursue a career in public health. As an on campus degree program, the MPH offers students every opportunity to explore this vital career field. From learning the skills to understanding each concept and strategy, students are given what they need to build a highly successful and lucrative career for themselves in either the public health field or medical sciences.

Oregon State University is one of the most respected and revered universities in the Pacific Northwest. The curriculum it offers gives students the opportunity to use the most advanced technology available. In addition to the courses that are offered, faculty members who have spent years working in their chosen profession offer sound guidance and advice that students can carry with them throughout their careers.

Program: Biostatistics MPH


IUPUI has an online MPH in biostatistics that gives students the advantage they need to make a name for themselves in their career of choice. An MPH degree program offers numerous skills and abilities that students are able to use throughout their career to help public officials keep track of health and medical trends within their communities. With an MPH degree, graduates are able to move forward along their chosen career path and enjoy the life they create for themselves.

IUPUI is one of Indiana’s most respected universities. It’s award-winning staff and faculty provide the best possible learning experience for each student who enrolls in an online degree program through the school. Students are able to utilize all of the resources provided by Indiana University’s main campus, while still pursuing a full-time job. The ability to have access to the universities faculty when it is needed is the key to each student’s confidence and ability to move forward.

Program: Biostatistics MPH

Should I Get an MPH in Biostatistics?

An MPH Biostatistics professional examines data analysis to investigate the cause of disease and injuries in the public domain. An MPH identifies health trends in communities. Students who chose an MPH in Biostatistics must develop basic epidemiology, regression analysis, and survival analysis skills. 

Once a Master of Public Health Biostatistics is earned, the person sees a significant increase in wages. Salaries in MPH are incredible; also, there are more job opportunities after receiving a degree. This person may have a more significant impact on the world. So getting an MPH is undoubtedly worth the effort. 

Earning a Master’s of Public Health Biostatistics degree opens more doors of opportunity, such as medical and health services managers or postsecondary educators. Salary ranges from $75,500 to just under $100,000 per year. 

Should I Get an MS or an MPH in Biostatistics?

There are many variables if an MS or MPH in Biostatistics is considered. The MS in Biostatistics Degree requires that the student have a minimum of 3.0 GPA. While both programs require biostatistics coursework, it is the MS Program that teaches a focus on data analysis. The MPH Program offers the student a stronger focus on Public Health. 

The student must take a close look at what the MS or MPH in Biostatistics offers and decide if this is the career path they want to follow. 

MS in Biostatistics

  • Stronger mathematical skills
  • Enjoy working with data analysis.
  • Pursue a doctorate
  • One year course on campus
  • Emphasis on data science analytics, population health analytics, statistical genetics, statistical methods, statistical bioinformatics
  • The program may require a thesis.
  • Common Core courses are in biostatistical methods, data analysis, data management, epidemiology, biostatistical consulting, statistical programming, and statistical theory.
  • Graduates work as biostatisticians in data research, analysis positions in Public Health and private entities.

Master of Public Health in Biostatistics

  • These Public Health Programs are broader.
  • Offer emphasis on biostatistics in various areas of public health.
  • Further, develop their research and analysis skills.
  • Programs offered on campus with some online coursework.
  • Takes two to three years for completion
  • Practicum or final project required before graduation
  • Complete core courses in biostatistics such as biostatistical methods, design of health studies, data analysis, epidemiology, global health, public health, environmental health, occupational health, biostatistical applications in public health
  • Graduates work as biostatisticians, consulting, teaching, research positions, analytical epidemiologists, clinical research coordinators, quality improvement analysts.

Why is Biostatistics Important in Public Health?

Those who study biostatistics are the first line of defense safeguarding public health. These professionals have the knowledge to improve citizens’ lives through their research. Biostatisticians collaborate with other biomedical researchers to identify problems and solve those problems as soon as possible that pose threats and likely decrease citizens’ quality of life and health.

Why do we study biostatistics? The only way the public health department can keep citizens safe is through gathering data and solve public health problems. Biostatistics uses statistical techniques to lead research in biology, medicine, and public health.

  • Statistical analysis is in growing demand
  • Fastest-growing jobs
  • Demand for data analysis skills 
  • Biostatistics training offers many doors of opportunity.
  • Jobs available in pharmaceutical companies, medical centers, academic institutions, 
  • Students on student visas receive up to three years OPT after earning an advanced degree in STEM.
  • Biostatistics growing on college and medical campuses and in high demand
  • Schools granting biostatistics and data science degrees
  • Excellent wages after graduation
  • Statisticians in demand to analyze increasing digital and electronic data
  • Medicine, healthcare, data science, communications and Public relations, government, public policy, journalism, marketing business, and finance demand more statistically literate workers.

Biostatistics help to identify the best method to deploy resources to treat the populace. Biostatistics help to control an epidemic and find the best way to treat an infected person. Biostatistics help to control the spread of infections in the populace. 

Why do we need biostatistics? Biostatisticians help to keep citizens safe and improve lives through research. These professionals work with other biomedical researchers to help identify and solve problems that threaten the public. 

Can I Work Remotely in Biostatistics?

Biostatistics remote jobs are available. A remote biostatistician is a mathematician performing research and analyzes data for biomedical purposes. Biostatistics remote jobs are available from home to access company data online. This professional can still work with other staff through virtual portals like zoom sessions. 

A remote biostatistician is a mathematician who performs research and analyzes data for biomedical purposes. Biostatistics remote jobs provide this professional a remote position from home, access company data online, and communicate with other staff through virtual portals.

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