Should I Get a Dual MPH Degree?
By Staff Writer

Getting an MPH, which stands for Master’s in Public Health, has become common among people in this industry. Many people are even realizing the benefits of having two Masters degrees. Universities have responded by creating programs that offer dual degree benefits to their students. These programs are designed to make a double degree worth it for all students.

What is a Dual Degree and Should I Get One?

These dual programs maximize the benefits of having two Masters degrees by allowing their students to choose the second degree (the first being the MPH) that fits their specific interests and career goals, e.g. law, nursing, etc. This way, even students who are asking ‘What is a dual degree?’ can find a program that makes a double degree worth it. Researching the different programs available will help prospective students learn more about the potential dual degree benefits.

What are Some Dual MPH Degrees?

There are many different dual graduate degree programs offered that combine an MPH with another Master’s degree. Schools that offer dual degree programs may offer one or more of the following dual graduate degree programs:

MPH/MHA: This is one of the most popular dual degree graduate programs. An MHA (Master’s of Health Administration) and an MPH will prepare students to manage large hospitals and other major healthcare organizations.
MPH/MBA: This is another of the most common double Master’s degree programs. Students that want to run a healthcare business may find an MPH/MBA (Master’s of Business Administration) one of the best dual degree combinations.
MPH/MD: This is one of the most challenging dual degree graduate programs. Ambitious students who want to become high-ranking doctors in a large organization may find this to be one of the best dual degree combinations. And you will find many medical schools offer dual degree programs with an MPH/MD as one of their double Master’s degree programs.
MPH/MSN: This program combines an MPH and a Master’s of Science in Nursing degree, making it perfect for licensed nurses who want a management position in a large healthcare program.
MPH/JD: An MPH and a law degree is one of the best dual degree combinations for prospective healthcare lawyers.
MPH/MPA: Students who want to go into government health agencies (like the CDC) are perfectly suited for this unique program.

Can I Get a Dual Degree Online?

Many students who want to pursue a dual Master’s degree are already working a full-time job, and need to look at dual degree programs online. Many universities have started dual Masters programs online in the last several years as part of the explosion in online education. This has lead to there being many dual Masters degree programs online in the health sciences. In fact, there are so many dual degree programs online that students should do their own research to find perfect dual Masters programs online for them.

There is an important distinction to be made between dual Master’s programs that are totally online and dual degree programs that offer some classes online, but also require students to take some in-person classes. If the student is in another state from their school and can only take online classes, this requirement may be a serious issue. This is why it is quite important for prospective students to ensure that their program is fully online if they would not be able to get to their school’s campus. Some universities have confusing websites that can mislead students into thinking a program is fully online, so applicants should always dig into the fine print to ensure that this is not the case with their chosen programs.

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