Complete Job Description of a Public Health Analyst
By Staff Writer

A Public Health Analyst works to improve the health and wellbeing of the public within its community. Interpersonal skills and expertise in healthcare reform are needed to be successful in the public health field in general. Public Health Analysts also work to provide data analysis of public health issues, find practical solutions, and report statistical and analytical outcomes to providers. Public Health Analysts work with many demographics, so developing strong, cross-cultural communication skills is most useful. In some cases, educational programs for schools are created by Public Health Analysts to promote healthy living in school-aged children while providing health awareness to parents.

Objectives of a Public Health Analyst

As a Public Health Analyst, professionals provide effective solutions to social problems that affect the health of a community by conducting and analyzing research. They may conduct site visits to evaluate the performance of an organization or calculate the costs to health care programs in a specific region. A Public Health Analyst may assist in an organization’s publication in journals by looking for certain statistical findings for journalists and academics and preparing those findings for publication. The Public Health analyst may be the person within an organization that gives an interview to a documentarian. Having a background in public speaking can afford a public health analyst other opportunities within their company to prepare briefs, reports, and public hearing testimonies to the media. Being ready to present a report or petition is also sometimes required of a Public Health Analyst. They may also perform are studies on the health benefits of physical fitness and then relaying the outcome of the studies to the communities they serve.

A bachelor’s degree in public health or health management is required for the public health analyst. An interest and background in statistics or computer science are also most important. Many employers, however, require a graduate degree in these fields. A minor in community health could also be a helpful line on a resume. Completing a health or leadership certificate, along with the degree, can be beneficial in setting applicants apart in the field. Having technical skills and experience in data collection will also increase a Public Health Analyst’s options and salary expectations, as well as skills in public health policy analysis. Having excellent math skills, critical thinking strategies, and strong organizational skills will help achieve success as a Public Health Analyst.

Expectations from a Career in Public Health Analysis

The salary of a public health analyst can be based on a combined collaboration of education, skills, and experience. The average median wage of a public health analyst is about $60,000 a year. However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the starting salary can be as high as $77,058 for certain entry-level candidates with specialized skills. Experienced Public Health Analysts are always in high demand, so it is possible to earn upwards of $140,000 annually, depending on the employer, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Many prospective applicants look for work in governmental offices or Public Health agencies. Some may find employment through private practice or Public Health consulting companies that work on data research and disease prevention. With such an in-demand set of skills and a critical focus, this career path often means a huge range of options when finding employment.