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Is an Online MPH Worth It?
By Sam MacArthur

A person may wonder why he or she should consider earning an online MPH. Fortunately, a master’s in public health offers a person the option of various types of jobs that can make a difference in communities, nationwide, or even internationally. Plus, a person has a decent earning potential for most careers with this degree. Plus, a person has the option to choose between different careers that are expected to grow over time. Therefore, it’s important for a person to look at every aspect to accurately answer “why pursue a master’s in public health.”

What Are the Benefits of Studying Public Health?

First and foremost, a person should understand that he or she has the potential to make a difference in the lives of others by creating policies in the public health that can improve the health and wellness of an area, whether it’s on a small or large scale. Additionally, when a person asks why pursue a masters in public health, the answer could be that an individual can earn over $100,000 per year in some areas. A person can also find the fact that many of the career positions are expected to grow, so a person shouldn’t have much of a problem finding a position after he or she earns a masters in public health.

What Positions Can You Get With a Master’s in Public Health?

A person may find a position with a master’s in public health as a research coordinator. A person could also choose to become a monitoring and evaluation specialist. Positions also become available as a policy analyst, health program manager, or an epidemiologist, as just a few different options a person has. 

Some of these positions are available with only a bachelor’s degree, but a person should keep in mind that more positions become available when a person has a master’s degree. In addition, a person can make more money and have the potential to take on leadership roles within the field of public health. 

How Much Can a Person Make With a Master’s in Public Health?

Another answer to why MPH is the income potential. While there are other master’s degrees that offer a higher earning potential, the money a person can make with an MPH is excellent when a person realizes that he or she also has the potential to make a difference in the lives of others. For instance, epidemiologists must have a master’s and can make $70,990 per year. In terms of an hourly rate, this is the same as $34.13. 

A person can make even more money if he or she decides to become a public health manager. The average salary for a public health manager for $100,980 per year. This is the same hourly rate as $48.55 per hour. 

A policy analyst is another position that a person can obtain with a public health degree. This salary may help a person to see why MPH. For instance, in terms of why get a masters in public health, a person can earn over $120,000 per year in this field. The average hourly salary in this position is $58.76. 

Are Jobs for People With a Master’s in Public Health in Demand?

When a person wants to figure out why get a masters in public, a person should think about the growth rate of a position. Fortunately, when a person is wondering is an online MPH worth it, a person should consider that most jobs for a person in this field are expected to grow. For example, jobs for a policy analyst are expected to grow by six percent from 2019 until 2029. Moreover, when a person is thinking about is an online MPH worth it, a person should know that jobs for a public health services manager are expected to grow by 32 percent from 2019 until 2029, which is much faster than average. Jobs for epidemiologists are also expected to grow during the same time. 

Why Should You Earn an Online Master’s in Public Health?

A person should understand what the benefits are of earning a degree online as opposed to in person. First and foremost, a person can learn the same information in either setting; they’re just in different formats. With an online degree, a person can continue to raise his or her children and go to work because online classes are meant to be more convenient, so you don’t have to drive back and forth to school and try to fit classes into a person’s already-busy schedule. 

Additionally, with an online degree, a person who isn’t the typical picture of a student can go to school without all the pressures of people around him or her. 

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