Can I Get a Job with an Online MPH?
By Sam MacArthur

Today, getting an MPH online is not just an acceptable option – it’s become standard for many professionals. Therefore, when an employer is looking at a person’s educational background, he or she will accept an online degree as a part of what a person has to offer a company. Employers are becoming more and more aware of the fact that an online degree teaches a student everything he or she needs to know to take on masters in public health jobs, just like a degree program would in a standard degree program. 

Can You Really Get a Job with an Online MPH?

Yes, a person can obtain entry-level public health jobs with an online master’s in public health. A person really doesn’t have to write on his or her resume or application that he or she completed the degree program online. That’s someone a person can choose to include or exclude from his or her resume. The only way an employer would know that a person went to an online school to complete his or her degree is if the school itself is online only. 

Some employers realize that an online degree program is necessary for some people who want to earn a degree because he or she may have other responsibilities like a job or children that interfered with the person attending school in a traditional setting. It shows that the person has self-discipline. Even international public health jobs become an option. 

What’s the Career Outlook for Masters in Public Health Jobs?

Before a person decides to earn a master’s in public health either online or in person, he or she may wonder what type of masters of public service jobs are available to him or her. Fortunately, various types of masters in public health jobs are available. Of those options, a person should be able to easily find a position in the field, including entry-level international health jobs. 

According to the Burea of Labor Statistics (BLS), the number of public health jobs is expected to grow by 11 percent up until 2029, which even includes the number of jobs with a master’s in public health. This figure also includes the public health job outlook for people who attended school in an online setting. 

Certain jobs have a higher growth expectancy. For instance, jobs for public health managers are expected to rise by 32 percent from 2019 until 2029.

The number of public policy jobs isn’t expected to grow very fast. In fact, this position is only expected to grow in number between 2019 until 2029 by six percent, which is average when compared to other jobs. Therefore, it’s important to understand that the number of positions will grow by a usual rate, just not as fast as other positions. 

Overall, a person can expect that jobs in this field will grow over time, no matter which area a person is looking into. 

When a person earns a master’s in public health online or in person, he or she can obtain a position as an epidemiologist. A health program manager is another option a person can obtain that has a positive public health job outlook. Besides international public health jobs like becoming an epidemiologist, a person can also obtain a position as a research coordinator, monitoring and evaluation specialist, or a policy analyst

Is an Online Master’s in Public Health Worth it?

Before a person decides he or she wants to earn a public health degree either online or in person, a person may want to know what the earning potential is for someone who has this level of education. If a person lands a job as an epidemiologist, he or she may earn around $34.13 per hour, which is the same as $70,990 per year. 

If a person would like to earn more money with an online master in public health, he or she may want to consider becoming a public health manager. In this particular position, a person has the potential to earn over $100,000 per year, $100,980 per year on average. This is equivalent to $48.55 per hour. 

A person has an even higher earning potential if he or she decides to become a policy analyst. This particular position may pay over $120,000 per year. This particular salary is equivalent to over $50 per hour. 

Overall, a person can expect to earn a high salary, although the average entry-level international public health jobs pay less than these rates. With time, a person can earn a salary that can allow him or her to live a comfortable lifestyle. 

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