Top 30 MPH JD Dual Degrees for 2021
By Staff Writer

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There are several reasons why you should consider getting a dual MPH/JD. While a Master’s in Public Health allows you to work within the community as a legal advocate, a JD degree allows you to not only educate the community but also to assist in legal proceedings. Having both degrees gives you an opportunity to move farther faster and create multiple career options that you can pursue throughout the years you spend working in the legal field. Exploring those options can provide you with some very interesting pathways.

Enrolling in an MPH/JD dual degree program gives you a chance to pursue your goal of working in the public health field. With both degrees, you can use your skills to help create public health policy as well as work with other government officials to establish new health and safety protocols. If you prefer to teach, the skills and experience you have earned give you much-needed insight that will allow students to connect with you. The more education you have as an educator, the more knowledgeable you are.

Methodology: How We Ranked the Best JD/MPH Dual Degree Programs

MPHOnline is dedicated to directing public health professionals (and aspiring professionals) to programs that will make the biggest impact in their careers. For that reason, we ranked the best MPH/JD dual degree programs according to three criteria that matter in a practical way: Cost, Salary Potential, and Student Satisfaction. To make our ranking, we used data from IPEDS and Niche. Only accredited, reputable institutions were considered.

1. Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University in St. Louis offers students one of the best JD MPH programs in the country. By offering a dual program, the university is able to provide students with everything they will need to advance their careers and take advantage of the most lucrative opportunities. Dual degree programs offer the best of both worlds in that graduates can enter the legal field or become an educator. With a dual JD/MPH degree, students can pursue one of many different avenues in the public health field.

Washington University in St. Louis is well-known for its staunch dedication to academic excellence. Scholarships are available to students who are eligible, as well as internships that students can participate in for learning experience. Faculty members are seasoned professionals who are able to provide sound career advice as students begin to explore all of their potential career options. After graduation, they are fully prepared to enter the workforce and begin to enjoy their careers.

Program: JD/MPH


UCLA offers students the best JD MPH degree program available on the west coast. The dual degree gives students the advantage of being able to utilize both sets of skills and abilities. As a Juris Doctor and Master in Public Health, you will be able to explore options that include becoming a judge, assisting your community with legal matters, or becoming an educator. With a dual JD/MPH degree, your options are unlimited and you have the ability to choose a career you will enjoy.

UCLA has been one of the premier colleges on the West Coast for several decades. Not only is it known for its athletic programs, it is also well-respected for its academic excellence as well. From the numerous award-winning faculty members to its stellar academic programs, UCLA has one of the best reputations for producing stellar graduates with the highest potential for success. All in all, the university is one of the best for students who are serious about receiving a quality education.

Program: JD/MPH

3. University of Virginia

The University of Virginia offers students the best JD MPH dual degree program available in the state. Having both degrees will open up many different career paths in the public health field. The skills and concepts that are taught enable the graduate to pursue a career path that is best suited for them. Earning a dual JD/MPH degree allows them the option to work with the courts, teach in a classroom, or work in a legal office. They also have the option to run for a public office if they so choose.

The University of Virginia is well-known and well-respected for its academically sound educational programs. Students are able to enjoy a learning environment that is comfortable, as well as incredibly diverse. With the help of reputable faculty members who have the benefit of years of experience, students are capable of overcoming almost any obstacle they may face. As a graduate of the university, they can enjoy the benefits of a quality education and a network of alumni who they can communicate with throughout their careers.

Program: JD/MPH

4. University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania offers the best JD MPH dual degree programs available in the state. Having both degrees makes you a valuable commodity, especially if you want to work in a community that allows public health officials to hold more than one role. You have many career options to choose from. Earning a JD?MPH will allow you to build the career you want and follow your own path to success. Your earning potential will continue to increase as you gain experience in your chosen career.

The University of Pennsylvania has many of the best academic programs in the area. The quality of their dual degree programs is above reproach and will provide graduates with the level of education they deserve. Accomplished faculty members have won numerous awards from both their peers as well as professional organizations. Students can leave the university knowing they have the education they need to move forward on their chosen career path within the public health field.

Program: JD/MPH

5. University of Florida

At the University of Florida, students have access to the best JD MPH dual degree programs available in the southeastern portion of the country. Students can expect to learn everything they need to become committed and involved members of their communities while working in a legal or judicial capacity. Students who earn a JD/MPH dual degree can choose a career that best suits them. They are able to find work in both the public and private sectors, or they may choose to work for themselves as a consultant or independent contractor.

The University of Florida is well-known for its dedication and commitment to academic excellence. Students have access to scholarships, internships, and multiple resources that allow them to begin to earn experience while they are completing their education. Combined with the professional and seasoned faculty members, students are able to look forward to a long and lucrative career no matter what path they choose.

Program: JD/MPH

6. Harvard University

Harvard University offers one of the best JD MPH dual degree programs in the world. Students are provided with the skills they need to be effective in any legal environment. They will also have different options to choose from once they enter their chosen career field. A dual degree allows them to pursue positions in which they are able to best utilize both sets of skills and concepts. Having a JD/MPH increases their earning potential and makes them a valuable asset to any office.

Harvard University has the distinction of being one of the most prestigious legal universities in the world. The quality of their academic program is above reproach and faculty members are consummate professionals who are highly skilled and have many years of experience. The technology and resources that are offered to students are above par giving students the opportunity to gain a distinct advantage over others in their field.

Program: JD/MPH

7. University of Michigan

The University of Michigan offers students the best JD MPH dual degree programs in the upper Midwest. All of the concepts, protocols, and best practices involved with working in the legal field are offered to the students who attend the university. They are able to begin applying these valuable tools as soon as they enter the workforce and begin to build their careers. With a dual JD/MPH degree from the university, graduates have the ability to work for their community in the public health field or work in the private sector as an advisor or independent contractor.

The University of Michigan is one of the most advanced and well-thought-of legal schools in the country. Accredited degree programs and faculty members who have won prestigious awards are just two reasons legal students flock to the school. There are many scholarships and resources that are available for students who may need a little assistance on the way to building a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Program: JD/MPH

8. Georgetown University

Georgetown University gives students a chance to earn one of the best JD MPH dual degrees in the nation. Students are given every learning opportunity possible, including internships and mentorships offered by elite law firms and former graduates. Students who choose to accept the challenge and enroll in this highly specialized JD MPH dual degree program will begin to reap the rewards long before they graduate. The career path they choose may be difficult at times, but very rewarding in the long run.

Georgetown University is one of the oldest and most respected in the country. For many years, it has provided students with excellent academic degree programs and valuable resources that have allowed them to follow their own path. Faculty members are available who have won many prestigious awards and honors. With guidance and support from the faculty and staff, students can overcome any challenge or obstacle that may come their way. They will have the tools they need to reach all of their career goals.

Program: JD/MPH

9. University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin offers one of the best JD MPH dual degree programs available. Graduates leave the program with all of the necessary skills and best practices to be able to be an effective leaders in their field. They are given both the protocols and best practices that are needed to be both efficient and effective within the field of law. With a dual JD/MPH degree, every student has the skills and abilities they need to make a change in their community.

The University of Wisconsin has a solid reputation for offering excellent academic programs. During their time at the university, students receive every advantage, especially when working with the professional faculty members. In addition to the quality coursework and above par teaching abilities of the faculty, students also have access to a variety of resources both on and off-campus. The graduate is given every opportunity for advancement. All they have to do is capitalize on it.

Program: JD/MPH

10. University of Georgia

As a leader in the field of legal education, the University of Georgia offers the best JD/ MPH dual degree program in the southeastern United States. The university offers students all of the necessary skills to be the best possible legal professional, no matter what type of work they do. They can choose to run for office, become an advisor/consultant, an educator, or apply to become a judge. With a dual JD/MPH degree in place, the graduate can basically choose their own career path and follow their dreams.

The University of Georgia is well-known for its athletic programs, but it is a well-respected school where students who are pursuing a legal degree can begin to build their future. Every student who attends the university is able to move into almost any career of their choice after graduation. Staff and faculty members are always ready to assist students who may have questions or who are facing unique challenges and obstacles.

Program: JD/MPH

11. Columbia University

Columbia University offers students one of the best dual JD MPH degree programs in the northeastern part of the country. Students gain all of the skills they need to begin a career in the public health field. As they acquire these skills and begin to put them to good use, the students quickly realize that they will have access to numerous job opportunities as well as potential increases in their salary. With a JD/MPH dual degree, students can begin to set their course long before they actually graduate.

Columbia University is well-known for both its excellent academic programs as well as its advanced technology. Many faculty members are Pulitzer award nominees or winners. They have exceptional teaching skills that allow them to reach out to their students to ensure they are getting the best education possible. As the students get ready to graduate, they can begin to set their sights on future goals and start to work toward them.

Program: JD/MPH

12. University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota offers students who are interested in broadening their horizons one of the best dual JD MPH degrees in the country. Students are taught both the skills and the concepts they will require if they begin their career as part of the public health field. They are provided with the best possible practices so they can be effective and knowledgeable. By earning a JD/MPH dual degree, individuals have the opportunity to explore all of their options within the legal field.

The University of Minnesota gives students the opportunity to learn in one of the most unique and diverse learning environments available. Faculty members and degree programs are of the highest caliber, both earning awards for excellence in education. Faculty members understand that students often face challenges and are always available to help in whatever way they can. After they graduate, students can take their degrees and forge a career path they can be proud of.

Program: JD/MPH

13. University of Maryland

The University of Maryland provides students one of the best JD MPH dual degree programs available near the nation’s capital. The dual degree offers the best of both programs and provides the student with an education that will open twice the number of doors to opportunity as a traditional degree. The concepts the student learns can be applied in various legal areas outside the realm of public health. With a dual JD/MPH degree, students are able to utilize the most lucrative career opportunities.

The University of Maryland provides valuable resources over and above the exemplary faculty and quality degree programs. Students can participate in many different activities both on and off-campus. As the students continue to pursue their degrees, they will face a variety of challenges. Faculty members work with each student in a one-on-one basis to ensure they have what they need and are comfortable with their level of comprehension when it comes to the subject matter. As graduates, they are on their way to the career of their dreams.

Program: JD/MPH

14. Northeastern University

Northeastern University offers one of the best JD MPH degree programs around. Each course provides valuable information and concepts that are needed in order for the student to be effective at their job once they are hired. Students who earn a dual degree get twice the advantage over other students who only received their MPH. A Juris Doctor degree is beneficial for many reasons over and above the fact that it actually finalizes your learning experience. With a JD/MPH dual degree, you have multiple options to choose from when deciding on a career.

Northeastern University has one of the best track records when it comes to professional staff, valuable resources, and quality curriculums. The school offers scholarship and internship programs for students who are eligible to participate in them. Faculty and staff place students as their highest priority and are always ready to assist them when obstacles arise. As students prepare to graduate, they can look forward to their future with confidence.

Program: JD/MPH

15. University of Washington

The University of Washington offers the best JD MPH dual degree program in the Pacific Northwest. Students enjoy an efficient and productive learning environment while learning all of the most important concepts and practices they will need to take on any task that is required of them. Learning these skills and applying them to what they already know will allow the student to take off on their career path much faster than they anticipated. Earning a dual JD/MPH degree program makes it possible to create a path they feel comfortable taking.

The University of Washington has many of the best faculty members in the legal field as educators. In addition to the quality curriculum, faculty and staff strive to provide each student with the best possible learning opportunities at all times. They address obstacles and challenges with the student so that they can choose the right course of action and maintain their current path to success. By working with the staff, students can be confident they will reach their educational goals prior to their graduation date.

Program: JD/MPH

16. Emory University

Emory University offers the best JD MPH dual degree programs to students who are interested in giving their career path a boost. Students receive every educational opportunity and skill they can that will allow them to advance their careers and enhance their overall abilities. The concepts they learn from both degree programs will allow them to take on any new challenge that may appear on the horizon. Students who earn a JD/MPH dual degree will be set for the future and have everything they need to build a solid career.

Emory University is one of the most well-respected universities in the state of Georgia. Legal professionals wait in line for a chance to be hired as a professor at this prestigious university. The university goes to great lengths to ensure that the curriculums they offer are top of the line and always provide the highest quality education possible. Students are able to reap the rewards of their education and begin to utilize them almost immediately.

Program: JD/MPH

17. University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma offers students the best JD MPH dual degree programs available for students who want to complete their education in the Public Health field. They will receive all of the necessary skills and concepts needed to perform the tasks associated with their position. During their time at the school, they will also be able to utilize valuable resources they will need once they graduate and begin their career. With a JD/MPH dual degree, graduates are well-prepared for whatever the future may hold.

The University of Oklahoma combines state-of-the-art technology, professional faculty members, and exemplary degree programs to produce a one-of-a-kind learning experience. Students can rely on faculty members to present the course material in ways that are easy to understand and remember. Once the student completes their coursework and begins to prepare for graduation, faculty members are there to continue to offer support and guidance as students make important career decisions.

Program: JD/MPH

18. George Washington University

George Washington University gives students an opportunity to enroll in one of the best JD MPH dual degree programs available. Students receive all of the skills they will need to perform their duties in whatever position they have been hired into. As a Juris Doctor or Public Health professional, you have access to a multitude of opportunities for advancement. Earning a JD or LLM/MPH is the best way to ensure that you will have the type of career you will look forward to.

George Washington University is one of the most well-known universities when it comes to offering legal degree programs. Faculty members are available to work with students whenever assistance is needed. The university offers a variety of resources they can use to gain an advantage once they graduate and are ready to start advancing their career. Students who attend the university can rest assured they will have everything they need to land the job of their dreams.

Program: JD or LLM/MPH

19. University of Nebraska

The University of Nebraska gives students a chance to enroll in the best JD MPH dual degree program available. The school offers courses that provide concepts, technological tools, and valuable resources they will need once they graduate and begin to apply for higher paying positions. Students can take advantage of all the educational opportunities the school has to offer, so they will be able to move forward faster after they graduate. Enrolling in a JD/MPH dual degree program ensures that students are able to build the career they want in the public health field.

At the University of Nebraska, students are given access to the best possible curriculum and the most advanced technological tools available. By working with faculty members, students can overcome any challenges they may face as part of their educational goals. Valuable resources are also available that students can use to increase their ability to be hired and improve their overall earning potential. As a graduate, students are able to apply for positions in both the public and private sectors and enjoy a long-term career in which they can be successful.

Program: JD/MPH

20. Boston University

Boston University gives students a chance to enroll in one of the best JD MPH dual degree programs in the New England area. The dual degree program offers students skills and concepts from both fields. Students are able to explore new opportunities within their chosen career paths and identify new positions they may want to try for. With an MPH/JD dual degree program, students can pursue positions in both the legal and the judicial fields, increasing their earning potential and making it possible to advance their careers at a much faster pace.

Boston University is one of the most illustrious universities in the area. Students can rely on advanced degree programs and state-of-the-art technology to provide them with the best education possible. When a student faces a difficult situation, they can rely on the university’s accomplished faculty members for both support and guidance. After they graduate, they know they will be able to tackle any type of obstacle that comes their way.

Program: MPH/JD

21. Rutgers University

Rutgers University provides each student with an opportunity to earn a JD MPH dual degree program they can rely on to help them further their careers. Both degree programs require specific skills and concepts that make them unique. By earning a dual JD/MPH degree, students can look for work in the field of Public Health or they can take the Juris Doctor portion of the degree to find work in the judicial sector, as a judge or other legal professional. The career opportunities are endless.

Rutgers University is one of the most well-known of all the universities on the east coast. It offers many of the most advanced degree programs available as well as technologically advanced resources that can be used to enhance their studies and provide them with additional skills. Faculty and staff members also play a vital role in ensuring that the student has everything they need prior to their graduation. As students contniue to advance, they become more and more at ease with their abilities.

Program: JD/MPH

22. University of Connecticut

The University of Connecticut offers students one of the very best JD/MPH dual degree programs available. Skills, concepts, best practices, and the methodology behind how to handle various situations are all taught as part of each degree program. As the student continues to work through their various courses, they can begin to utilize the school’s valuable resources to keep them moving forward with their educational goals. Earning a JD/MPH dual degree is the best way to open the door to a wide selection of new opportunities.

The University of Connecticut has a solid reputation for being one of the most advanced technical and legal universities in the New England area. The resources the school offers are extremely valuable and will be able to be used for many years to come. In addition to the resources and advanced curriculum, faculty at the school are always at the ready in case a student has questions or concerns. The student can begin to move forward and work toward all of their career goals.

Program: JD/MPH

23. University of Houston

The University of Houston gives students the option to enroll in the best JD MPH dual degree programs. Every degree program offers all of the skills and abilities the student will need to take on more responsibilities and earn potentially higher pay than if you didn’t have the additional education. Students who choose the dual degree program get multiple skill sets that will allow them to work in a variety of legal fields in addition to public health. Earning a JD/MPH dual degree is the easiest way to complete their education and gain the most advantage when it comes to moving forward with their career.

In the state of Texas, the University of Houston offers coursework that is academically advanced and technologically sound. Students can rely on professional faculty members to provide additional assistance as it is needed to ensure they fully understand the concepts they are being taught. Graduates who have taken the initiative to pursue both degree programs at the same time will begin to see the fruits of their labor in a much shorter period of time than if they had taken both degree programs separately.

Program: JD/MPH

24. University of Miami

The University of Miami provides its students with the option to enroll in the best JD MPH degree programs possible. Students receive all of the training they need to excel in any of the positions they may apply for as part of a judicial or public health office. The more skills they have the more opportunities they will see coming their way. By earning a JD/MPH dual degree, the student can expect to move forward with their career at a much faster pace than ever before.

The University of Miami is well known for offering the most academically advanced degree programs in the legal field. In addition to its award-winning faculty members, the school provides students with a variety of resources they can rely on to add the finishing touches to their education. The university encourages students to take advantage of all the programs and extracurricular activities offered by the school. Once a student graduates, they have the ability to apply for any position they are interested.

Program: JD/MPH

25. University at Buffalo

The University at Buffalo offers the best JD MPH dual degree programs available in the New York area. Students who choose a dual degree program are given the skills and concepts for both programs so that the time the student spends earning their degree is basically cut in half. This type of degree makes it possible for the student to maximize their potential by enhancing the skills and making it possible to apply for additional types of work within the same career field.

The University at Buffalo is one of the most popular universities in the state of New York. With its advanced curriculums, accomplished faculty members, and online resources, students can expect to receive the best education possible in the shortest amount of time. The staff and faculty members are available when students need them to handle any obstacles that may arise during their coursework. Students can begin to apply for positions long before they actually graduate and leave the school.

Program: JD/MPH

26. University of Arizona

The University of Arizona offers students the best JD MPH dual degree programs in the southwest. Students have the opportunity to learn as many of the skills as they can. This makes it possible for them to pursue a career in either the public health field or a judicial environment. Each student receives everything they will need to complete their degree program and move forward with their career. With a dual JD/MPH degree program, students can pursue the career of their choice and reach all of their goals.

The University of Arizona offers students a degree program that is academically sound. Scholarships are offered by the school to students who qualify and meet the eligibility requirements. In addition to scholarships, students also have the option to apply for internships that will allow them to start working under seasoned professionals, learning as much as they can before graduation. The university goes to great lengths to provide each student with all of the best advantages.

Program: JD/MPH

27. University of Pittsburgh

The University of Pittsburgh gives students a chance to enroll in the best JD MPH dual degree programs. Students have access to the skills and concepts they will need to be able to work in a public health office or other legal environments. They will be able to complete any tasks that are required of them.

While one degree guarantees that the student will be able to excel in one capacity, two degrees adds another layer of depth that will make them even more valuable. With a JD/MPH dual degree program from Pitt, students gain the advantage and can explore more career options.

Program: JD/MPH

28. Tufts University

Tufts University has the best JD MPH dual degree programs in the New England area. Both degree programs offer skills that can be used to advance a student’s legal career, especially if they are interested in trying to enter into the public health field. Enrolling in both degree programs at the same time makes it possible for the student to get the education they need in a much shorter period of time. Earning a dual JD/MPH is the best way for a student to move forward and continue to reach their academic goals.

Tufts University is considered one of the more elite universities, especially when it comes to the medical and legal fields. The university has degree programs that are of the highest quality and offer the most advanced education possible. The university offers a variety of resources students can use to further their education as well as their careers. They are only limited by their own motivation. Faculty members are able to give students the encouragement they need to keep moving forward.

Program: JD/MPH

29. University of Tennessee

The University of Tennessee offers legal students the best dual JD MPH degree programs for public health and other types of law. Entering into these two degree programs gives you the skills to handle yourself in a legal office or a courtroom. You will be able to manage a variety of tasks and take on more responsibilities that are required within your individual office environment. Completing a JD/MPH dual degree program sets you up for success and allows you to finish your education and get started building your career.

The University of Tennessee is well-known for its academic programs and the faculty’s ability to teach in such an effective manner. The school offers scholarships as well as a variety of online and on-campus resources that students can use to enhance their educational experience. Students who attend the university are able to use their new skills to either advance within their current careers or step out of their comfort zone and try to find a new job that better suits their new skills.

Program: JD/MPH

30. Temple University

Temple University offers students the best JD MPH dual degree program available. With these degrees, students can enter the public health field in a variety of capacities as well as work in the judicial field. They have multiple career options that will allow them to pursue the career they want and still have other options they can explore as their career moves forward. The dual JD/MPH degree gives students options. They can continue to explore career options and create a path to success on their own terms.

Temple University is well-known for its accomplished, award-winning faculty and exemplary degree programs. Students who choose the university often rely on the faculty members for guidance and encouragement. Scholarships and online resources are offered by the school so that students can take advantage of all the school’s features. The university also offers internships for students who are interested in working as part of their degree program.

Program: JD/MPH

Is a Dual JD/MPH Worth It?

Any money you spend on your education is an investment. Earning a dual JD/MPH degree will provide you with twice the opportunities as a single degree program. The Master’s degree shows that you have reached a level of knowledge that you can use to benefit others. By mastering the concepts associated with the public health field, you are able to take advantage of employment opportunities in the public sector, including elected offices. You also have the option to become an independent contractor and work for yourself.

A dual JD/MPH gives you options that will allow you to choose the career path that best suits your needs. If you choose to pursue a public office, you can take your skills and use them to benefit the community on many different levels. A JD/MPH brings the two highest degrees in the legal field together allowing you to not only work in a legal capacity but also oversee legal proceedings. Bringing both of these degrees together gives you every advantage when it comes to building a successful career. Earning a dual JD/MPH is not for everyone. It requires a commitment to becoming the best legal professional possible.

Will I Need to Do an Internship in a Dual MPH/JD Degree?

Most dual MPH/JD degree programs require a practicum internship that is to be performed during their final year of school. In order for the student to complete their dual degree program, they must meet the eligibility requirements that will allow them to participate as an intern. This application process has specific guidelines that must be met to show the applicant is ready to perform the duties often required of a JD graduate. Students who are given the opportunity are able to take on many of the responsibilities they will be performing after they graduate.

Public health law internships are often performed in law offices that specialize in the affairs of government health agencies. These types of internships give students the hands-on experience they need to work in the field in real-life situations. Students are able to utilize the same resources they will use once they are hired in a professional capacity. After graduation, students can use their internship on their resume as a valuable work experience. The experience and knowledge they earn while in their internship is invaluable and can be quite an asset when trying to work their way up the ladder and accept new challenges.

Are There Any Scholarships for Public Health Law?

Scholarships for public health law can be found if you know where to look for them. There are many public scholarships that can b used for any type of degree program, including public health law. In addition to the general scholarships, you can also find specific law scholarships that are offered by legal organizations and groups that work to support legal students earn their degrees and make the most out of their academic careers. Companies that offer scholarships expect the students who receive them to make the most out of every challenge. 

Legal scholarships are also offered through universities and school affiliations. Legal firms that support a specific university may offer a scholarship to a legal student who shows exceptional promise. In order to earn these types of scholarships, students may have to prove their eligibility during the application process. This may require a certain GPA, public service commitment, and membership in a legal organization or club on campus. Scholarship students are given a unique advantage and most are expected to capitalize on it at every opportunity. This includes performing public service, offering to assist other students and any other acts that would show their commitment to furthering their career goals.

How Do I Become a Public Health Lawyer?

The first step in becoming a public health lawyer is your undergraduate degree. As a general rule, you do not need to study a specific field or industry at the undergraduate level to qualify for a law degree. If you are planning to consider a job as a public health lawyer, then you may want to focus on fields that relate to the industry. For example, you may study biology or civics. Students may also benefit from history degrees since it gives you a firm grasp of the way laws have changed over time.

Prepare for the LSAT to get into law school. You will need to take the exam to qualify for law school and your Juris Doctor, or JD, program. When you finish the test, apply for schools that offer a JD and a master of public health, or MPH. You can focus on dual degrees to prepare for your work as a public health attorney. During your studies as a lawyer, take electives that focus on healthcare laws.

The final step of becoming a lawyer in the public health field is with the BAR exam. Prepare for the exam in advance and take the test. When you have your degree and you pass the BAR, you are qualified to work as a lawyer. Focus on law firms that work with public health and healthcare law to gain the experience you need for your career.

What Does a Public Health Lawyer Do?

When you want to become a public health lawyer, it is important to follow the right strategy (see What is Public Health Law?). While it is possible to work as a lawyer, and then decide to earn an MPH, or to work in public health and go back to school for a JD degree, today many prominent universities have developed dual Juris Doctor/Master of Public Health degree programs to do both in one shot. Some programs are online, or partially online – the MPH portion is more likely to incorporate online courses – but either will prepare you for a career as a public health attorney

A public health attorney works in a specialized area of the legal field. Public health lawyers focus on the law as it applies to the healthcare industry and public health as a sub-category of the healthcare industry. Public health lawyer jobs depend on the law firm and its focus for the lawyers involved in the firm. While specific responsibilities may vary slightly, the public health lawyer job description is similar in many law firms. The exact role of a public health attorney depends on multiple factors. They may work on paperwork, evaluate information, or present cases in a court of law. The exact role and job responsibilities may depend on the law firm and the focus of the firm.

As a general rule, a lawyer focusing on public health laws will write and evaluate policies that may apply to public health. You may work in a government role designing and adjusting policies to fit the needs of a general population. A lawyer may also work directly with clients and interview a client in relation to public health cases.

Lawyers may also focus on researching existing laws and evaluating the way the laws may impact public safety and health in a modern environment. In cases where you work with a government agency or consult for an agency, you may also focus on research to clarify specific details or information or to advise about changes that may improve a situation.

How Much Can I Make as a Public Health Attorney?

When it comes to public health lawyer salary details, you should expect some variation based on your specialty within the industry, as well as your experience and location. The average salary for a lawyer is around $115,000 per year; however, you may start out with a lower salary and the potential to increase your salary over time in public health is high.

The median income for healthcare attorneys is around $82,000 per year to start. The range for healthcare lawyers is between $82,000 and $230,000 per year. Attorneys who work in corporate health settings may earn more when compared to lawyers who work in small firms or with government agencies. The specific area of the public health industry may also impact your salary. Working in areas that focus on property rights as it applies to the public health sector may result in a higher income when compared to working in consulting or research roles.

Expect your salary to change over time and for different locations to impact your salary potential. Multiple factors may contribute to changes in your salary and you should expect to make more money as you gain experience. You can also expect to earn more in areas with a higher cost of living or with a high demand for lawyers with a focus on public health and safety.

Exact salary and income may vary widely, so evaluate the details of a specific position and the income range before determining if a role fits your goals for your career and your long-term plans for career growth. You may notice that different roles set different rates for your income, so verify the job responsibilities of the position before applying for a job.

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