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  • Obesity and Public Health

    Obesity is a complex health disorder that impacts the body in many detrimental health ways. Many of the consequences of obesity and its resulting symptoms are chronic and tend to be cumulative, worsening over time without proper intervention or medical attention. Obesity public health problems shouldn’t be confused with someone’s preference to lose 5 or 10 pounds for cosmetic or vanity reasons. When obesity and public health intersect, the results are far-reaching across cultures and… Continue Reading

  • HIV/AIDS and Public Health

    HIV/AIDS is a major public health issue that impacts communities all over the world. HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, and it's the virus that causes AIDS, or Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. When HIV enters the body, it attacks human cells called T cells. These T cells are in charge of the body's immune system, so when HIV destroys enough of these cells, the body becomes vulnerable to illnessess that it may have otherwise fought off fairly easily.… Continue Reading

  • Smoking as a Public Health Issue

    Smoking as a public health issue finds its roots nearly a century ago. It was in the 1930s when health care practitioners began to grasp the dangers caused by the use of tobacco fully. About fifteen years later, the American Cancer Society began to proactively warn smokers about the health hazards caused by smoking. It was around this time that serious amounts of researchers began to study the effects of smoking and public health. By… Continue Reading

  • Surfaces and Covid-19: A Public Health Perspective

    With the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic currently affecting more than 3 million people around the world, one focus is on the disease and transmission possibilities. The questions often arise regarding how it can be spread. Can Coronavirus live on clothes? How long can it live on clothes, shoes, or other fabrics? Also, how long can it live on surfaces? For example, how long can COVID 19 on cardboard really survive? The idea that Coronavirus might be able to… Continue Reading

  • Are Free Online Public Health Courses Worth It?

    Given that the world is facing one of the worst global health crises we have ever seen, people are finding ways to learn about public health in order to not only protect themselves and their loved ones but also to help them further their career. Fortunately, taking free online public health training is an excellent method of achieving these things and much more. Indeed, if you are questioning are free online courses worth it, on the… Continue Reading

  • Top 25 Free Online Public Health Courses to Take During a Pandemic

    For those interested in taking a free online course on public health, you're in good company. Given that the world is presently battling with the COVID-19, plenty of people want to learn more about public health to keep themselves safe as well as those around them. There's no shortage of misinformation, disinformation, and plain old hooey, but public health professionals, healthcare professionals, policymakers, and others who need real facts have many free options available to… Continue Reading

  • 30 Top Public Health Influencers

    Social media has been one of the most dangerous channels for misinformation and conspiracy theories in health. Fortunately, it's also been an important new way for public health leadership to shine. Since the turn of the millennium, leaders in public health have emerged from behind the scenes to become recognized leaders of the community and global health initiatives. Concurrently, public health leaders have worked with managers of the healthcare delivery system to embrace “population health”… Continue Reading

  • Best Practices During a Pandemic

    As health officials worldwide warn of the spread of the new/novel coronavirus – officially named as COVID-19, everyone (young, old, healthy, etc.) must heed the precautionary warnings issued by health experts. At this time, health officials are only first understanding how the conditions and the disease caused by coronavirus impacts a human being. Currently, the most important thing for each individual to understand is just how important it is to learn how to prevent a… Continue Reading

  • Coronavirus and Public Health

    The disease caused by coronavirus is called COVID-19. The WHO recently declared the COVID-19 crisis a pandemic. Ebola and Zika outbreaks were classified as international emergencies, not pandemics. This classification causes a heightened level of alarm, and governments and health organizations worldwide are scrambling to assuage the impact of this highly contagious disease. Public and private research institutions are rushing to discover as much information about this particular strain of coronavirus and inform the public… Continue Reading

  • How to Survive a Pandemic

    In these uncertain times, it can be tough to keep your head on straight, amidst all the misinformation and panic spreading through the news. It's vital that you understand what's true and what isn't true about the coronavirus in order to take care of yourself and your family, as well as to do your part in stopping the spread of the disease. Let's take a look at some of the facts related to the current… Continue Reading

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