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  • Volunteering in Public Health

    Public health volunteering has many benefits, both for the communities being served and for the volunteers themselves. For the communities receiving service, the benefits should match their particular needs. For example, thanks to public health volunteering, communities in need may receive help following a disaster, famine, or other health-related crisis. They may also benefit from getting an education on health-related topics such as mental health, disaster preparedness, maternal health, HIV/AIDs, vaccinations, and much more.  What… Continue Reading

  • Careers in Public Health Policy Administration

    The field of public health policy and public health administration is fundamentally concerned with the management, the leadership, and the administration of the various health care systems located throughout the United States. These health care facilities include public health systems, hospitals, outpatient clinics, or the Veteran’s Administration (VA), to name a few.   If you have been thinking or considering a career in public health policy, you likely have a keen interest in what jobs… Continue Reading

  • Resume Writing for Public Health

    Crafting a standout resume for public health is an important part of the job hunting process. A good resume can help a candidate win a job interview. To make the best impression, job seekers should carefully study public health resume samples. When preparing their own resumes, job hunters need to outline their accomplishments, skill and professional experience. It's important to tweak the resume for keywords and information tailored for each position. Public health is a highly competitive industry with… Continue Reading

  • Working With a Public Health Job Recruiter

    A lot of people ask how to get a job in public health. Just like with any career, there are a few common ways to get a job in public health. One way, of course, is to check out job boards, job listing sites, and professional organizations.  What's unique about public health careers, though is that many applicants work with a public health recruiter to get a job. Working with a professional in public health recruitment… Continue Reading

  • The HPV Vaccine and Public Health

    HPV, or human papillomavirus, is the most common STI on the planet. This fact alone makes it not just a public health issue, but a global public health issue. The CDC estimates that at least 50% of all sexually active people will have HPV at some point in their lives. In addition, there are over 100 known types of HPV. This all points to why HPV vaccines are important for public health. What Is the… Continue Reading

  • Prenatal Care and Public Health

    What is prenatal care? Prenatal care is a group of preventive healthcare measures that exist to help expecting mothers to have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. However, the definition of prenatal care doesn’t quite point out everything involved with prenatal care. Nor does the definition of prenatal care really shine a light on the important connection between prenatal care and public health. Why is Prenatal Care a Public Health Issue? Because of this, it’s important… Continue Reading

  • Climate Change and Public Health

    How does climate change affect human health? Climate change and health have a very close relationship. While many people consider the environmental and economic issues that can stem from climate change, it’s just as important to consider the health effects of climate change, including climate change and implications on public health. Why is Climate Change a Public Health Issue? Climate change effects on humans health represent a large body of study encompassing several disciplines. Breaking… Continue Reading

  • Vaccines and Public Health

    Vaccines have become a major topic in the last few years, with the rise of the anti-vax movement, but it's been especially concerning with the global COVID-19 pandemic. According to the NIH - the National Institutes for Health, it is estimated that vaccines (technically, biologic compounds) are likely responsible for saving more lives over the past 100 years than any other single medical technological invention. Why is Vaccination a Public Health Issue? The connection between… Continue Reading

  • Preventative Health Care and Public Health

    For all Americans, understanding the benefits of preventive care can help you stay healthy or detect issues that threaten your wellness.  In this section, we cover: Definition of preventative health care What is preventive health care?  Why is preventive health care important? Prevention in healthcare saves lives and can even prevent the spread of contagious diseases. This article explores the meaning of preventive care, looks at statistics showing the importance of safeguarding your health with frequent checkups and explores the… Continue Reading

  • Cancer and Public Health

    Whether you're a public health and cancer medical professional, or you're simply curious about why cancer is a public health issue, cancer is an issue that touches the lives of nearly everyone around the world. Whether you've experienced cancer, a loved one has experienced cancer, or you've dealt with the stress of waiting for cancer test results, being diagnosed with cancer opens up a world of scary unknowns.  While treatments for cancer are becoming more… Continue Reading

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