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  • The 25 Best Online MPH Programs

    An online MPH degree offers a rewarding educational experience while providing the flexibility you may need. MPH degrees online are designed to equip students with all of the relevant skills to get a job in public health, with the addition that online MPH degrees can be completed from anywhere in the world. MPH online degrees allow students to specialize their MPH degree, learn with leading public health figures, and access dynamic educational and professional networks… Continue Reading

  • 50 Good Reasons to Choose a Public Health Career

    Are you prepared to answer the question, “Why I chose public health”? Public health offers a unique educational experience, and students can choose it as a major or minor. Programs exist at the undergraduate, master's, and doctoral level to help students build on other educational experiences or to deepen their knowledge in the field. Diverse education is just one of the many reasons to go into public health. With a degree in public health, you can… Continue Reading

  • Vaccine Process: Where, When, and How We Get Vaccines

    Vaccines are one of the triumphant achievements of the modern era. The ability to prevent diseases before getting them changed human life forever. The vaccine process protects recipients from bacterial or viral infections. Diseases that spread by viruses include smallpox and measles, while bacteria called Streptococcus pneumonia cause numerous diseases such as meningitis, pneumonia and sinus infections.  Have you ever wondered how vaccines are made? The vaccine development process has saved hundreds of millions of people from getting… Continue Reading

  • Fast-Tracking Coronavirus Vaccines: The Benefits and the Risks

    The coronavirus pandemic is a problem that impacts many families and lives around the country and the world. Due to the dangers associated with the virus and the growing rate of death among populations around the world, efforts to develop a vaccine are gaining attention. By fast-tracking the coronavirus vaccine, it is possible to halt the spread of the virus among at-risk populations and groups. While efforts to develop a vaccine are found in many countries,… Continue Reading

  • Heart Disease and Public Health

    Even though the field of public health is extremely concerned today with COVID-19 and infectious diseases, the main cause of death in the US remains heart disease (it is worth mentioning, however, that COVID-19 is a cardiovascular disease as well as a pulmonary disease). Heart disease is also one of the most preventable causes of death, making it a critical issue in public health. What Are the Most Common Heart Diseases? According to WedMD, Coronary Artery… Continue Reading

  • Lung Diseases and Public Health

    Lung disease references those disorders and conditions that affect the lungs. If you are interested in lung disease and public health, it is important to ask the right questions to ensure you receive the information you need. Consider researching questions like – What is chronic lung disease? How can you learn how to prevent lung disease naturally, without the use of chemicals? What is the most common chronic lung disease? How can you learn how… Continue Reading

  • 25 Best No-GRE MPH Programs

    The Master of Public Health or MPH involves multi-disciplinary coursework. It’s not hard to find MPH programs no GRE requirements. No GRE MPH programs focus on professional experience and prior coursework for admissions eligibility. Just like tradition MPH programs, MPH programs without GRE requirement also focus on public health practice instead of teaching or research. A no GRE MPH program is typically accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health or CEPH. You can… Continue Reading

  • Careers in Global Public Health

    What does global health mean? Global health is the study of worldwide health and wellness. The concept of global health also covers how the health of different populations can have a global impact. Global health careers are primarily concerned with addressing the health concerns of low-income countries and populations, focusing on addressing specific health inequalities. For example, global health asks why some populations have access to good medical care while others do not, or why some… Continue Reading

  • Careers in Environmental Public Health

    If you want to go into public health, you've probably come across a lot of related terms, and those terms can sometimes cause confusion. Two widely used terms are "environmental health" and "environmental public health." But what is environmental health? And what is environmental public health? Do they mean the same thing, or do they have two different definitions?  What is Environmental Health? What is Environmental Public Health?  These two terms boil down to the same… Continue Reading

  • Careers in Community Health

    The field of community health is a sub-specialty within the broader field of public health and medicine. If you have a keen interest in a career in community health, you likely have an inclination to help others. AS a community health worker, you can professionally help others by coordinating education and outreach efforts in a community setting. A community health worker job description would include the requirement that a job candidate that is seeking a… Continue Reading

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