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  • Top 10 Most Common Health Issues: What Public Health Professionals Need to Know

    No one could have predicted the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic would have on the public health field and job market. Now more than ever, it's important for public health job seekers to keep an eye on health trends to inform their job search. Whether you're already living in the United States or you live elsewhere and are considering a move to the U.S., understanding the most common health issues in America can help inform… Continue Reading

  • Top 25 Public Health Programs in the South

    Public health is one of the most significant issues in the South, giving the numerous colleges and university public health schools cause for alarm and urgency. Health concerns in the Southern US surround lifestyle habits and access to care.  Most locales in the South are not pedestrian-friendly, so walking and cycling aren't as prevalent as they are in areas with higher levels of wellness.  Residents of the Southern region are more likely to be smokers.  Add… Continue Reading

  • Ultimate Guide to the CDC Public Health Associate Program

    The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (the ‘CDC’) is a national health agency dedicated to managing and improving public health, with a robust budget that nears $12 billion (2018).   The CDC, a federal agency located in Atlanta, Georgia, can trace its origin-roots to the Communicable Disease Center. This federal agency was created in 1946 to take over the professional duties of those who would be working at the WWII Malaria Control program. Note that… Continue Reading

  • Covid-19 Vaccines: Where We Stand

    The devastating effect of COVID-19 on the world created a global crisis and a great need for a vaccine to help people combat the disease. The seriousness of the situation led to government and health agencies across the planet coming together to figure out what to do about it. In response, several companies began to work on vaccines with aid from government agencies. This extreme focus on getting something viable available for the millions of… Continue Reading

  • Life After the PHAP

    For those looking for paid training in public health, the CDC PHAP program opens up numerous opportunities to do important work in underserved communities. Participants in this program come from many different types of backgrounds. From liberal arts majors to graduates with a hard science degree, applicants from a broad spectrum of educational backgrounds can find a place in the program. competition in the program is fierce and many people apply multiple years in a… Continue Reading

  • Is an MPH in Biostatistics Worth It?

    A master's degree in public health with a concentration in biostatistics can open the door to rewarding, lucrative employment opportunities.  These programs are for students who want to expand their research and data-analytics skills before launching a career in public health.  If you're wondering whether an MPH in biostatistics is worth the time and money, it's important to think about the biostatistics job outlook.  If you want to pursue this career, there is good news:… Continue Reading

  • 25 Best Biostatistics MPH Programs

    Biostatistics - the tracking of health data - has never been more important. With recent events - specifically the destructive, worldwide Covid-19 pandemic - public health has come into the public eye in a way it has not in generations. Professionals working in public health have a strong incentive to earn a higher degree in the field, prompting many to wonder "Should I get an MPH in Biostatistics?"  With increased demand in recent years, public… Continue Reading

  • Can I Get a Job with an Online MPH?

    Today, getting an MPH online is not just an acceptable option - it's become standard for many professionals. Therefore, when an employer is looking at a person's educational background, he or she will accept an online degree as a part of what a person has to offer a company. Employers are becoming more and more aware of the fact that an online degree teaches a student everything he or she needs to know to take… Continue Reading

  • Is an Online MPH Worth It?

    A person may wonder why he or she should consider earning an online MPH. Fortunately, a master's in public health offers a person the option of various types of jobs that can make a difference in communities, nationwide, or even internationally. Plus, a person has a decent earning potential for most careers with this degree. Plus, a person has the option to choose between different careers that are expected to grow over time. Therefore, it's… Continue Reading

  • 25 Most Affordable Online MPH Programs

    Public health is a noble calling, largely unappreciated until recent events (namely, a global pandemic) shone new light on its importance. We need public health workers and leaders now more than ever. But public health professionals who are earning a Master’s in Public Health are usually paying their own way, which can make the cost of schooling intimidating. Obviously, when a person earns any degree, he or she wants to reduce the cost as much… Continue Reading

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