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  • 15 Best Jobs in Epidemiology

    The growth of public health as a job market means many professionals are moving toward the public health field, and one of the most in-demand specializations is epidemiology. As a specialty that combines data analysis, research, and socio-cultural knowledge, epidemiology requires some specific skills that are rare to find together. That’s just one reason a well-trained, experienced epidemiologist can expect a lot of career opportunity. The job market for epidemiologists varies slightly based on your… Continue Reading

  • What is Epidemiology?

    Epidemiology sparks a lot of curiosity. People have plenty of questions like "what is the epidemiological study definition?" or "what are the uses of epidemiology?" Basically, imagine that a patient is sick and you're trying to figure out why. Now imagine that your "patient" is actually an entire group of people. The objective of epidemiology is to figure out what causes different health outcomes in different groups of people. These groups can be as small… Continue Reading

  • What Does an Epidemiologist Do?

    When you are evaluating the epidemiologist job description, you may have a few questions. The obvious question is what does an epidemiologist do in his or her work? The basic foundation of epidemiologist duties focuses on addressing concerns about public health from an analytical, data-centered standpoint (as opposed to direct clinical care, or administration and policy, other key areas of public health). What Does an Epidemiologist Do? Epidemiologist responsibilities fall into three main categories: research,… Continue Reading

  • Top 25 Online MPH in Epidemiology

    Epidemiology is one of those fields that many people don’t realize they want to do until they’ve been in some corner of public health for a while and see what a difference they can make. The skills in research, analysis, and big-picture thinking that epidemiology requires are usually developed through time and experience. An online master’s in epidemiology is the perfect way for a public health professional to hone and perfect those skills, and to… Continue Reading

  • What jobs are available at the Department of Health and Human Services?

    For public health professionals seeking careers, the Department of Health and Human Services is the first stop. The Department of Health and Human Services (typically referred to as the HHS) is a federal level domestic agency of the United States government that was created in the mid-1950s. Initially, the Department of Health and Human Services was named the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. The Health and Human Services agency’s current name iteration was revised… Continue Reading

  • Top 10 Government Agencies for Public Health Jobs

    The role of government in healthcare is one of mass importance, as there are numerous federal public health agencies founded for the protection and quality control in public health and population health. In order to ensure that the best health care practices are being utilized and provided to citizens, at the federal level, there is a list of federal public health agencies that are expected to monitor and utilize these services across the nation, ensuring… Continue Reading

  • What is the WHO of Public Health?

    Nearly anyone asked on the street would have heard of the World Health Organization, but if you were to ask “What is the WHO?,” you might expect them to have a difficult time explaining it. The World Health Organization definition is complex due to the type of work performed by the organization; answering “What is the WHO?” means understanding how public health around the world is organized, administrated, and funded. History of the WHO The… Continue Reading

  • What is the CDC?

    We hear about the CDC in the news all the time, but what is the CDC? Although many individuals have heard about the federal agency, they may not understand exactly what does the CDC do. The CDC is a shortened version of the Centers for Disease Control and is part of the government’s Department of Health and Human Services. What is the CDC? The simplest way to answer, “What is the CDC?” is to understand… Continue Reading

  • Should I Get a Dual MPH Degree?

    Getting an MPH, which stands for Master's in Public Health, has become common among people in this industry. Many people are even realizing the benefits of having two Masters degrees. Universities have responded by creating programs that offer dual degree benefits to their students. These programs are designed to make a double degree worth it for all students. What is a Dual Degree and Should I Get One? These dual programs maximize the benefits of… Continue Reading

  • Top 10 Best Cities for Public Health

    With the growth of the US population and the growth of the public health system, every city and metropolitan region in the US will have an abundance of public health jobs. In fact, many regions have a shortage of qualified, experienced public health professionals to meet the needs for research, administration, education, and direct care that the system needs. The public health sector is becoming one of the strongest in the nation, with need and… Continue Reading

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