What’s the Better Choice: MPH, MHA, or MBA?
By Staff Writer

If a public health professional wants to pursue a career where he or she holds an administrative position, they may want to consider getting either an MPH, MHA, or MBA, or combining two of them in a dual degree. Each one of these degrees gives a person the skills and education necessary to hold management positions. However, it’s important for an individual to understand what each degree is, the positions that are available with the degree, and the earning potential a person has by comparing an MBA vs MHA vs MPH.

What’s an MBA?

When comparing MPH vs MPA vs MBA, it’s important to understand that an MBA is the most versatile degree because people aren’t limited to the industries they can work in. This degree is known as a Master of Business Administration (MBA), and it helps a person develop the skills necessary to work in a management position in a business.

Pupils in an MBA program take courses in economics, marketing, operations, and accounting, among others. Individuals learn comprehensive knowledge about various aspects of managing a business. It’s also possible to choose to specialize in different areas of business, such as earning an MBA with a concentration on marketing.

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What’s an MHA?

When comparing MHA vs MHA vs MPH, it’s important to understand that an MHA is especially for individuals who want to enter into the healthcare industry and take on a management role. The acronym MHA stands for Master of Healthcare Administration. This degree prepares individuals to take on management roles in hospitals and other medical facilities.

A student in this program learns information about the healthcare industry in general, so they can adequately understand medical terminology, procedures, and more. In addition, a person in an MHA program learns about the economics of healthcare, health insurance policy, healthcare marketing and communications, and health information systems, among others. Students learn about general practices in business as well as the specifics of the healthcare industry.

What’s an MPH?

Before deciding on a degree path, a person should adequately understand the difference between an MPH vs MHA vs MBA. An MPH is an acronym for Master of Public Health and focuses on aspects of health that affect the general public the most, such as violence prevention, communicable diseases, injuries, and more.

The career options that people have when they pursue a degree in this field include working in bioterrorism or biosecurity, working as a specialist in childhood healthcare, working with homeless shelters, or becoming a disaster preparation coordinator, among other positions.

How Does the MBA vs MHA vs MPH Salary Compare?

When people compare what degree they want to pursue, salary is often a deciding factor. Therefore, it’s important to understand the MBA vs MHA vs MPH salary. The National Association of Colleges and Employers reported that the average MBA graduate’s salary in 2019 was $84,580 per year, which is the equivalent of over $300 per day. This salary is over $25,000 per year more than the salary of someone who has a bachelor’s degree in business.

If a person is comparing these three degree paths, it’s important to understand the MBA vs MHA vs MPH salary differences. For instance, a person with an MHA may become a practice administrator, which earns a person an average of $82,000 yearly.

On the other hand, a person with an MPH usually earns an average of $63,000 annually.

While all three degrees, a person can take on management positions. However, both MHAs and MPHs prepare students for positions within the healthcare industry. With MBAs, students earn the ability to take on positions within companies in various industries. The earning potential of these three degrees is similar on average. Therefore, it’s important for a person to choose based on their interests and career goals.

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