Do I Need an MPH or an MHA?
By Staff Writer

When you are looking into your career options, you may find yourself comparing a MHA vs MPH program. By clarifying the difference between public health and health administration, you can determine the right option for your goals and situation.

MPH vs MHA: The Difference Between Public Health and Health Administration

When it comes to the difference between MHA and MPH programs, you will want to consider the role you plan to take in your career. The MPH vs MHA discussion starts with evaluating the primary ways the degree programs differ in your career.

As a general rule, health administration vs public health focuses on differences between administrative roles and health roles. When it comes to choosing between MPH or MHA, you want to decide on a career path. If you are planning to work in an administrative role within a hospital or medical facility, then you want to focus on a health administration degree. If you plan to work on addressing health needs within specific populations or research roles to address health concerns in certain demographics, an MPH program may be a better choice for your goals.

MHA vs MPH Salary Potential

The MHA or MPH discussion may also focus on salary potential. The MHA vs MPH salary depends on your role in a company or organization. As a general rule, the MPH vs MHA salary comparison must focus on the specific role and experience level required for the job.

That brings up the question, is an MPH or MHA salary higher on average? In most cases, the healthcare administration jobs will have a slightly higher average salary when compared to the options available for a public health degree. The average salary for a professional with a master’s in public health or health administration is around $60,000 to $100,000 per year. A healthcare administration vs public health discussion must recognize that many roles in public health will have a lower salary that is between roughly $40,000 and $80,000 per year, with most positions resulting in a salary that is between $60,000 and $70,000 per year.

A health administration career may offer a higher salary range, which is roughly between $82,000 and $107,000 per year. Most careers in health administration focus on leadership roles, so you can expect a slightly higher average salary for the position. It also makes a difference if you choose a career in a government agency, in academia or research, or in the private healthcare industry.

MPH vs MHA: The Final Verdict

The process of comparing public health vs health administration for your degree depends on your long-term goals. The degree programs are designed for different career paths. That means you need a clear idea of the career you want before you finalize a degree program that fits your needs or situation.

Do you want to focus on the business side of healthcare? In that situation, you need an MHA degree because it focuses on administration, organization, and leadership. Are you more concerned with the science of healthcare? For individuals who want a more hands-on research focus or a position that evaluates scientific data, a degree in public health is a better choice.

After you clarify your plans for a career, you also want to consider your personal interests. Both degree programs work in the healthcare industry, so a general interest in medicine or medical practice is a common feature for both degrees. Select the degree that works well with your personal interests as well as your long-term plans.

The process of comparing different degree programs ensures that you are able to finalize the right option for your needs. By comparing the differences between an MPH vs MHA degree, you can determine the best fit for your career goals and your plans for your future. The key is clarifying what you want so you can determine the best degree to fit the situation and the standards set by medical facilities for the position.

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